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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life

小林さんちのメイドラゴン カンナの日常

Vol 2 Chapter 15

Well, at least now there's a solid block containing the Chapters 13-17.

List of chapters:
Vol. 1:
CH 10:

Vol. 2:
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mine is isekai
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It was Fairy Tail.
Sunrise mecha trainwrecks like Valvrave.
battle harems

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When will they kiss on the lips?
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Thought that was Chihaya and Arata on the thumbnail, almost gave me a heart attack nigga
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Sorry, mate.
No it's ok, I'm a Taichi-fag. Added to my backlog, 37 romance manga and counting.

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How much would it cost to surgically make me look like her?
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a lot, I'd say

how do you look like irl
how much would it cost to fix your autism
Same price as a rope and chair.

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What could be the reason why Luluco is sexier than Lalaco?
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Middle school girls are what dreams are made of. They can be anything, no matter what your taste is.
>Your name is lalaco
>You name your daughter luluco
I want to hold my own Luluco EXACTLY like that!

Spoilers when?

To me the cover suggests that Miyuki and Tatsuya are finally intimate OR that Tatsuya is BTFO as he's in the traditional Japanese "dead man" robes and Miyuki is in a 'maiden shrine' robes who robes include cleaning shrines and talking to dead people.

place your bets.
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>Tatsuya is BTFO
If you mean actually dead, then no.
The volume's title being "Isolation" and Miyuki and Tatsuya having made progress in their relationship in past 3 volumes, I'd rather say they are finally getting more intimate. "Isolation" implies it will be them against everyone and such things bring people closer. Not that they aren't already close, but it's the right environment for their relationship to grow
>tatsuya and miyuki getting intimate
Haha, good joke. But no, the brainwashing magic used on Tatsuya backfires and he annihilates Huge Man Jew's arm, but Mayumi gets knifed by fodder and he saves her, then he bones her.
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Oh, wow.
Is Ishida Kana's art getting worse?

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What anime has the best dark elf?
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Aura is the best brown elf I've seen.
The best dark elf is a dead dark elf.
Which is why I said brown elf. Dark elf has negative tone, whereas just brown skin makes dicks diamonds everywhere.

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Partners for producing children.

Show your selection(s).
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The one with the fat butt.
Question: why do all anime girls have knock knees?
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All day everyday

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Is this Boku no Hero Academia done right?
>Quirkless female MC
>Uses her intelligence to defeat the enemies instead of getting a talent out of nowhere.
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It's just a garbage manga and I dislike that your scanlation group is shilling it so much on /a/.
Eh, I feel it's going too fast for its own good and the setting doesn't make much sense. But as for now it caught my attention.
>every mutant is in one place
>could nuke the shit out of that island
>instead send a girl with no powers to kill everyone
What a piece of shit.

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ITT: anime only you watched
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I've read the books.

Was it any good?

Kaguya is on break this week, so here's a cute girly story written by everyone's favourite cute girly author Akasaka Aka.
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Bullying is character-building, though. I'm not a fan of it but it has its good sides.

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Himouto Umaru-chan S2 new visual
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Easily one of dogakobo's worst shows.
I just want Love Lab S2, but I know that's never going to fucking happen.
Of all the things to get a second season...
Fuck's sake.
>Nozaki Kun S2 Never

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Why is she so fucking perfect?
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All crazy girls are perfect
Because she's a plot device, not a character.
A perverted gambling addicted plot device

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As we all know from high school physics, power = energy/time. Since battle power readings explicitly measure power output, for a second let's take battle power to be a measure of energy/second per unit area. That matches what we know.

When Goku flew down Snake Way, it took him 48 hours to cover a distance of 1,000,000 kilometers, putting his speed at about 13,000 mph. This is assuming he just flew for two days straight at max speed. Doubtlessly he was going at below that, and probably took breaks in between. But that still gives a starting point. Say that's his equivalent of a light sustainable jog, around a third of what he can fully sprint. Boxer Ricky Hatton has an average punching speed of 25 mph, suggesting that how fast a person punches is broadly comparable (but lower) to how fast they can sprint. Well, assuming the same logic applies to flight of course. So we'll just use 39,000 mph/mach ~50 for how fast Goku throws his arm when he punches. Sorry for this paragraph about feats- this post mostly isn't about that, I just needed a benchmark for demonstration purposes.

Let's take Vegeta from the Saiyan arc as an example to demonstrate my analysis. The Kaio-Ken multipliers, which indicate that battle powers are linear at this point in the story (when they're not earlier), would suggest Vegeta is around twice as fast as Goku by virtue of having twice the battle power (Kaio-Ken is supposed to multiply speed proportionally with every other attribute). So he can throw his arm at mach ~100. Straightforward enough. His full force punch reaches mach 100 by the end of the half meter it travels. Meaning it accelerates at a rate of over 56.7 million gs (averaged) and travels over a period of 0.0000146 seconds (14.6 microseconds) before actually making landfall on his enemy's body. About half of that would be transferred to his equal opponent- the rest going back into his arm, heat, sound, etc.

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At a battle power of 18,000, with battle powers being energy/second, this fist has accumulated a mere 0.0000146 x 18000 = 0.2628 units of energy—less if he's faster, paradoxically enough.

Scaling this travel time to the impact time on a normal human's punch (roughly 0.24 seconds travel and 0.06 seconds impact), and the impact time of Vegeta's punch is only 0.00000365 seconds. 0.2628/2 = 0.1314 units of energy in 0.00000365 seconds (3.65 microseconds) would be a power of 36,000, compared to the power 18,000 that generated it.

We know his battle power shoots up by concentrating it into a single point, a la Raditz (makes sense enough), and we know they do this with their energy attacks. As far as planet-busting power levels go (since we know Vegeta's Galick Gun can erase the Earth), what I can say is this: Goku's Kaio-Ken x3 that was stalemating Vegeta's Galick Gun with the same contact area had a battle power of 24,000. That seems perfectly reasonable. Vegeta's planet buster might have been a bit higher since Goku implied he would lose eventually, but I'll just use that.

There's not really any hard time-frame on it in the manga, and the anime seemingly isn't taking place in real time (see "five minutes on Namek"), but we know he said a couple lines of dialogue the whole time charging it (and presumably didn't have super-fast-talking-powers) and was done by the time he made his threat. With that said, around 10 seconds seems a reasonable time frame to charge it.

At the end of 10 seconds at a battle power of 24,000, the energy used up is 240,000 units—over 1.8 million times more than the punch. But the rate at which it's transferred is actually lower- he's taking about 10 seconds to transfer all that energy (if his discharge time matches charge time), so the energy/second is still 24,000 compared to the punch's 36k. So ki emission based defenses would not be as good at actually stopping it, given enough actual energy to match the planet busting.
But wait! There's more! The fact that it's using a lot more energy is reflected by its contact area. While its transferring that power at a lower rate, it's doing it all along the target's body. When Goku's Kamehameha, which is the exact same size as Vegeta's Galick Gun, hits Vegeta, it seems to have a moderately higher contact area than the front half of Vegeta's body. The average man has a surface area of 1.9 m^2, and while Vegeta's a small dude, at an official 5'4 he isn't a midget or anything. So the blast's contact area being moderately larger than half his surface area would put it its contact area at around 1 square meter (1,550 square inches). In that case it covers an area around x200 larger than Vegeta's 8 square inch fist. But, for the battle power comparison to hold up, the power per unit area of his punches and blasts have to match up with the battle power difference. So his punch should only have 50% more power per unit area. Power per unit area is called intensity, and when you consider things like the Special Beam Cannon and Oozarus, "battle power" itself seems to be a measure of intensity.

So really, he has to have MORE than x1.8 million the energy of his punch in his blast to get 2/3 the intensity at x200 the contact area, if battle powers count unit area, which they do. Let's put in terms of battle power units/square inch. The earlier numbers only accounted for time, not volume. In other words "36,000" should not be the total power, but power per square inch, the intensity. If Vegeta's fist transfers energy at a rate of 36,000 units per second per square inch, then along its whole 8 inch contact area its total power is 288,000 units. With a punch duration of 0.00000365 seconds, that puts the total energy of the punch at 288,000 x 0.00000365 = 1.0512 units.
Meanwhile, his blast has an [b]intensity[/b] of 24,000 power units per square inch along a ~1,550 inch contact area. In that case the total [b]power[/b] of his Galick Gun is 37,200,000. At a discharge time of 10 seconds, that puts the total energy of the blast at 37,200,000 x 10 = 372,000,000.

Now what happens if he fires that blast at someone? Well, the situation is still how it was earlier. If that 24,000 battle power blast hits a foe, who in turn is outputting a battle power (energy per second per square inch in this exercise) of 18,000 for his passive defense (which the scouter would read him at if he was just standing there), it's going to hurt a lot, but still be mostly negated by his passive defense. Compared to a punch the blast, despite transferring energy more slowly, will do more damage, but not nearly as much as the energy difference suggests; it's being sustained longer, so it's like he's getting punched at 2/3 power everywhere on his body over and over again for 10 seconds, BUT that's still not as bad as if a punch with a battle power of, say, 72,000 hit his opponent. Not totally unmanageable, since it's still being delivered at a rate his defenses can (barely) handle, but still damaging and potentially enough to end the fight.

Now what happens if he punches that person instead? Vegeta hits him at an intensity of 36,000 units. Some of the damage is bleeding through, more than in the energy blast due to the lower intensity, but it's not being sustained as long. On the other hand, if Vegeta delivers a punch with an intensity of 72,000 units to someone whose passive defense intensity is only 18,000, his opponent's passive defense does nothing meaningful to blunt his blow, an immense amount of energy "bleeds through," and the opponent is killed outright. Even though that same intensity of passive defense could've defended him from the 24,000 blast sustained over ten seconds well enough.

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