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Real human bean.jpg
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Holy fuck /a/, why didnt you tell me to watch this series back when it aired, now i missed all the hype and feels.

Now all am i left with are feels ;_;

Fuck you, /a/
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>why didnt you tell me to watch this series back when it aired,
The same hype that you failed to recognize as a message for you to watch the damn show.
Are you retarded?
>i missed all the [] feels.
>Now all am i left with are feels
I don't follow.
>i missed all the hype
>Fuck you, /a/
No. Fuck you.
Because now you are part of those dozen anons who actually watched this.
Daily reminder that in the novel, the two boys engaged in explicit anal sex and 69ing while Saki watched.

Farlyn is thick!

Oh wait. Was.
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She's still fairly thick as a monster.
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I still think she will be. Why would they put her on the cover if she will be dead or a monster?

Did anyone even watch this?
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everyone watched it.

Then moved on to vastly superior manga when they realized that the show won't adapt even quarter of the plot + was ruined by that fucking dog.
Lots of people. Are you stupid?
Yes, it was fairly popular.

I feel like manga threads kind of died off after the anime though.

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Too bad.
Enjoy the movie.
There's no way they aren't going to milk this series.
Yes, but they will take longer to air Part 5 because they're doing the movies first.

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One of the best adaptations of a video game ever.
Still not perfect, but it was satisfying.
It's the best nu-Persona cast and story in movie form. On paper it should be good, but the switch in directors killed it.

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Why can Japan not into 4K?
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Because 4k is a meme just like 3d TVs. Not worth it just yet.
It's fucking great right now, though. Not for anime as much, but I'm enjoying my 4k 55" screen.

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What is the best way to start watching fate?
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There is no good way. It's all garbage
play FGO

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Otherwise you wouldn't be posting here! I can help with that! I am offering you the chance to be granted any* one wish! It could be anything* at all! Alongside the granted wish you will receive tremendous magic power! Nothing is free, however, and in exchange for these gifts you will be obligated to combat supernatural entities known as "witches." This is dangerous work, but your powers will serve you, and you will be among allies. I'm confident that you can handle it! Do we have a deal?
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I want to be a cute chubby magician girl.
what an oddly specific fetish

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What happened to them? They went downhill after 2014
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And then uphill after they made New Game and Umaru
Too much moeshit/yurishit
Their manga adaptions are some of the best of the respective season, which comprise 90% of their productions in the past couple years.

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No Longer Human.jpg
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What's the best manga you guys have read? Pic related.
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This is obscure enough that I doubt it's bait, but bad enough that I can't be sure. Have you read the original book? Have you read almost any other Furuya manga? Because this is pretty shit considered to either of those things.
>muh depression and suicide cause I'm a small dicked jap

Atleast it's realistic, wasn't ito juni doing a manga of it too?
this tb.h

How does /a/ do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards and a resistance to shitty external board culture thats not present anywhere else.

I'm asking because my home board has been dying for years now and I feel like I have to try and save it since apparently our mods don't give a fuck like yours do.
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Fuck off already.
are you from /tv/?
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old mitsuba.png
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The problem is, OP, that you probably aren't seeing all the posts. If you are just viewing /a/ through the /a/ board, you don't see the green posts, the posts with letters in their ids, or anything numberless. Together, those make up about 40-70 percent of /a/, depending on the day. So conversation will appear disjointed and spastic, because you won't be getting the full picture.

I actually just flipped over to the /a/ interface to make this post, and it's pretty funny how unintelligible /a/ is like this.

I'm going to make Akame an honest woman!
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eh, I just want to strangle her while I rape her
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>still almost no porn of esdese
>only doujins translated are of the worst girl

Literally why.
>worst girl

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This is a feminist oppressed by pesky patriarchal societal demands. Say something nice about her!
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bitch why yo titties so big
>attacking a character because she's Mexican

nobody likes Mexicans so isn't it fine?

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You're only a true anime fan if you've seen this show
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I've only seen the Japanese version, and only the first season. I know I need to watch the super long movie too, but no hurry.

I really liked the anime, it was very good.
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>/Star Blazers
2199 is better

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This is a pedophile
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What would paizuri from her feel like?
From a technical stand point all immortals/long lived creatures are pedophiles. I would say the "loli" dragon is the worst of it. At least that one is going after a boy.
This is an ugly cow.

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