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What is this gonna be about again?
Kill yourself.
Good frogposter.

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>Start a meta thread
>despite 1 meta thread being allowed, mods still delete the allowed meta thread
sasuga /a/
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what is your goal?
How am I shitposting exactly?
I am upset the waifu wednesday thread got deleted for absolutely no justifiable reason.

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Is it bad if I enjoy this?
Is it bad if I want Elmore and Phoebe to end up together in the ending?
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That's a-ok. Phoebe's great.
It's one of the best manga left on Sunday
It's short and fun, nothing else to it.

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>Kirino punches Kyousuke
>this is fine

>Manami punches Kirino
>wow what a BITCH

Explain this
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Manami is an ugly bitch and Kirino is cute
Being punched by your imouto is fine because a real oniichan would never doubt the love that his dear imouto holds for him even if she cannot be honest.
manami is a bitch for other reasons did you even read it?

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Is Sagiri the ideal imouto?
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No but she's the ideal onahole.
No but she's the ideal loli

>recycled 5 minutes of animation every episode (not counting OP and EDs)
>formulaic episodes that always end the same way
>shit fights
>worst filler episodes ever
>characters get tossed aside until it's "their turn" for an episode
>end twists contribute little-to-nothing to the actual plot why is himemiya even turned into a witch? and why does that even matter?
>no yuri despite being hailed as a hallmark of yuri anime, there's more yaoi overtones if anything

Remind me why anyone could possibly think this is a masterpiece.
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>being this mad
It's funny because you literally posted an image from probably one of the best episodes/duels of the series.
Literally 2deep4u.

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ITT: we some up an entire chatacter using >muh

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Excellent post, my /v/edditor brother, but it is my duty to remind you this is /a/ and the quality of posts are a touch higher than you and I are typically accustomed to. A rudimentary mistake, what ho! Allow me to redirect you, m'budbud: >>>/v/
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>muh being the GOAT
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>muh kaito-sama!

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If I may be so bold, it is my personal belief that Hazuki-san is the best New Game character because she is fuwa fuwa in both appearance and personality.
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I want to see her rub her pussy faster than that.
I want to lick her hairy ass.
I want her to lick my hairy ass.

Why is she a doctor in Japan and a nurse in America?
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A female doctor isn't sexy
>woman doctor
I guess they didn't want it to be too unrealistic

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Are Traps Gay?
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if the dick is under 4 inches then nah B.

If it is then that shits almost as gay as anyone who likes Initial D

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Is Konosuba worth reading?
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No, it's only worth watching.
No, it's only worth listening to
No, it's only worth lurking the threads

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I remember watching this in a stream with /a/. We should do it again sometime. It'll be fun.
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yeah it was fun. nice hitlerdubs. did you ever watch the disney version of fate/stay night? t
The stream was fun because most people watching actually had no idea how it would end. With how hard this show has been memed since I don't think you can recapture that magic.
I actually never finished it. I watched a bit of the first episode I think and then stopped.

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>tfw next week

Who is hyped about Naruto Gaiden animated?!
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If you've actually read the manga their isn't much to be hyped for honestly, apart from Sakura getting cucked that is. As the action scenes of gaiden are pretty shit unless you enjoy Naruto and Sasuke getting fucked up by some jobber who can control metal.
I'm excited for the memes
More interested in any new scenes added like Sarada's trip to the library reading Orochimaru's History of the Uchiha Clan and Chouchou's flashback of thin Chouji from this week.

>knows he's actually a normal boy
>rubs her face against him anyway
This is degeneracy.
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This is why Vivid/Strike are superior, no more hetshit.
now change your IP and complain about discriminatory language and then have the exact same bump limit breaking thread once again

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I love how TYPEMOON decided to change its grail-summoning criteria from 'heroes' to 'literally fucking anybody with a wikipedia article'.

Yes. Gilgamesh and King Arthur belong in exactly the same category as Marie Antoinette and Spiderman.
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I love how you tried to sound intelligent by using thesaurus.com instead of any kind of actual content. Even if it 'is' a blue board, you still need to be over 18 to post on 4chan. Out.
Oh my god. Thanks for the laugh. It's been months since I saw such an obvious samefag and I'm dying.
Why did you make a thread just for this post?

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