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>Studio Ghibli announced the reopening of its production department, marked for this new beginning by organizing a small opening ceremony on 3 July.

Are you ready for Miyazaki to save anime again?
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>Shinkai looks like a piece of shit, that's probably why all his movies are pieces of fucking shit
wtf ghibli!?
>Hosoda shouldn't even be considered an artist when all he does is regurgitate shit I did a million times better 20 years ago
I mean I kind of see his point but Miyazaki was still over the line here.
Are these real quotes or am I being memed

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The best postmodern anime. But weeaboos expected something easy to follow instead of metadiscussions, self-analysis, irony and intertextuality.
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God damn I want to fuck Konata
This is what I am talking about.
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Why was Gohan such a bad character?
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Green dick > monkey dick

Piccolo was also more of a father than fucking Goku, who became a shitty character in the first episode of DBZ.

Seriously the just kept the same man child and added some bullshit about him not aging because "We just saiyan". Rather than develop Goku from DB (a good show) to DBZ (bad show) they just focused on building up more powerful badguys as opposed to the mysticism and unique abilities found in DB's world.

DBZ is shit. Goku is a fucking manchild that they did not bother to develop. As opposed to the character arc of Goku in DB who went from being a literal carefree monkey man to adjusting to society (somewhat), facing grief, and training.

The fights were also better if you count them. DBZ is lazy and gave Goku some shitty unique hidden power as opposed to him getting his ass beat and actually learning. Gohan is the most understandable of shitty characters because his father is a manchild and he literally has more responsibility than him
DBZ fanboy found.

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I started reading this expecting furfaggotry but it's unironically good. Thoughts?
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is a Zootopia well thought out.
Also thanks for reminding me to check it out, finally they updated it
I like translating it.
I've only read the version on kissmanga, I know of no others. Is that one yours?

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Lupin evolutionnnnnn.jpg
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Today marks the 50th anniversary for Lupin III. How will you celebrate it?
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By listening to '71 ME TRACKS excessively.
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The QUINTESSENTIAL mystery for the Lupin franchise and Lupin fans:

What will the jacket color be for the new series?
By acknowledging the existence of pink jacket unlike most of the fanbase.

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Sucy Manbavaran is best grill, prove me wrong
>you can't
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Will Sucy grow up to look like her mom?
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can someone post that image with sucy waring that meme?

So everyone dropped this? I didn't even see a thread last week.
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The divers should've been girls
No thanks
What is Amanchu!?

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Only 60 days until animé is saved forever.
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More like 60 days until Poptepipic ends up permanently relegated to the same tier of normalfag bullshit as Maid Dragon.
now I've lost it
bkub doesn't draw big boobies or sexy girls though

This was the best movie I've ever watched, including non-anime movies.
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Go hang yourself.
The characters never got interesting and nothing of actual emotion ended up happening because everything was played safe and perfect.

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favourite berserk panel/ page?
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Berserk peaked with this panel
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Griffith's suffering is so aesthetically pleasing.

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Mystery anime thread
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what anime is this
its a mystery why this comedy anime is a mystery in the early episodes
Who was that guy at the end that looked like the mc? and wasn't there a sequel novel?

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erio disgust.jpg
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The forgotten SHAFT gem.

Costume girl best girl.
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Brat a best girl.
What was her catchphrase again

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Why are thick eyebrows so rare in anime/manga?
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What kind of chaika is this?
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more chapters never

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I have been watching pic related at least once a year for 6 years
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I'm still waiting for a second season.
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I love the warm summer breeze.

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During his fight against Deku & Friends, Stain ingested some of Deku's DNA via his blood. Since that's how One For All is transferred, shouldn't Stain now have that quirk?
Stain seems more than physically capable of receiving One For All without dying, so why didn't he get it from Deku? Is it because Deku doesn't fully have the quirk yet or is this a continuity error?
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Fucking Mexicans. It has to be willingly transferred. All Might explains that right at the start.
are you a parody of >>160956582
Why is stain so edgy?

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