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Who had the better/worse/ least bad design?
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Diarmuid looks better.
Theorically, Diarmuid.
But Cu is just as beautiful+much cooler so I prefer him.
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Scathach 30.png
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Are there Yandere guys in Anime?
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You need to watch more anime.
I don't remember whether Bizon from Buddy Complex was a yandere or just a incredibly possessive faggot.
I would say 50-60% of /a/ would be yandere given the right circunstances

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let's be honest here, does Guts stand a single chance of defeating the Godhand?
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I love Mars Attacks.
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no but he will anyway
after he gets deus-ex'd out the ass towards the very end, yes.

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>is a little girl

Has pandering gone to far in anime?
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anna a cute
I just don't understand why they decided to call them Kings if females can become Kings as well. Or is she the first and they didn't know?
I just watched this for Anna/Seri/Munakata

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i wasnt ready for the feels

sae ;_;

seeing your daughter die must be the worst thing ever
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i cried
New chapter when?
>seeing your daughter die
>worst thing ever
It's far worse to watch them suffer.

How come western artists can't accurately copy anime art style? It always seems off for some reason.
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Because Japs see the world in wide screen. Westerners don't have that handicap.
Are you saying that the reason anime eyes are so big is due to Asian eyes and that to the Japanese the eyes are actually much more realistic?
Americans and not "western"

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Jump down and then say some fucking nugget shit about Umaru-chan
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i want to use her as an onahole
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I love the nugget

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited fish works.jpg
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I am indifferent to it.

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Who is your favorite DBZ character, and why is it Vegeta?
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>Favorite DBZ character
>Posts DBS Vegeta
Use the catalog dumbass >>149320599
Since when did /a/ become a generals board?

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Director: Taichi Ishidate
Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
Character Design: Akiko Takase
Art Director: Mikiko Watanabe
Music: Shigeo Komori
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Anya-chan is that you?
>Director: Ishidate
Don't even joke about that. He's a very good episode director and an even better animator but he's not good as a series director.
This is THE chance for Takeboy to make his magnum opus.
But he's doing OL and dragon girl

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>Chapter 100 was clearly just a non-canon lewd and goofy bonus
>Nah just kidding it actually happened
>Loli is getting action again

Author's giving no fucks, perhaps we're nearing the end of the most dropped and re-picked up tale in history?
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>it's been dropped by everyone
>including the author
this manga has been shit since inception
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Nah, it's fun. The fun just diminished once they decided they needed to have an actual plot, and said plot was terrible.

I just hope the loli actually sticks around from now on.
>Loli is getting action again
Oh, yes.

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>everyone worries their favorite anime will be forgotten
>haven't realized that they've forgotten the shows that other people wanted them to remember
Can we just accept that as we get older, every show we like gets forgotten, and just enjoy it regardless of it's legacy?
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Mayo Chiki will NEVER be forgotten
Thanks for reminding me I need to read the manga.
As an older timer, I think the one thing stopping me from truly enjoying current anime is the awareness that it will be forgotten just like the stuff I watched in the past. There is just no good end to being a fan of a show.

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What are peoples thoughts on this modern zombie apocalypse manga?
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It's slow pacing creates a great atmosphere for the whole thing.

And the alien aspect makes it its own awesome thing, so much better than any ther work in the genre.
Sometimes it's brilliant, sometimes it's boring.

>[HorribleSubs] Bernard Jou Iwaku. - 05 [720p].mkv
I didn't see a thread about /lit/ the anime so I made one.
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Still haven't watched today's episode, but here have a bump for Bernard.
Why does she call's hereslf Bernard? Does this has something to do with literature?
*call herself
haven't watched it yet either, but bump

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The time has come
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translation progress? the last time I read this was during the first appearance of that baby with a weird name
How close is this to ending? Glad Emi won though it was fairly obvious
>Emi won

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