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Season 2 when?
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Literally never, it's a completely dead franchise.
31st of February 1631
Best girl

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Poll for favorite Fall anime, basically:

>#1 Hibike! Euphonium S2
>#2 WWW.Working!!
>#3 G-Tekketsu
>#4 Izetta: The Last Witch
>#5 Yuri!!! on Ice
>#6 Girlish Number
>#7 Ping Pong Girls
>#8 Occultic;Nine
>#9 March Comes in Like a Lion
>#10 Drifters

>#1 Natsume Yuujinchou S5
>#2 Bungou Stray Dogs S2
>#3 WWW.Working!!
>#4 Yuri!!! on Ice
>#5 Touken Ranbu
>#6 March Comes in Like a Lion
>#7 Drifters
>#8 Haikyuu!! S3
>#9 UtaPri S4
>#10 Fune wo Amu

Usually I side with the women in these polls but for once the men don't have shit taste. Or maybe it's because there aren't shitty magic battle harems for them to flock to.

Considering Drifters / Eupho / YoI / Natsume / Working are doing well on stalker currently the rankings fit well.
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Wasn't Hibike Yuriphonium supposed to be gender agnostic?
Pretty sure Drifters is topping preorders. In during >sales threads

new card captors animu announced!
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yeah like months ago
By Madhouse? This is important.

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Is it okay for girls to love other girls?
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I don't even know how two girls could make love.
They look deeply into each others eyes, until everything is pink and full of bubbles and sparkles.

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Why is she so perfect? The rest of the girls aren't even trying.
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Her imperfections make her perfect.
In fact she's the second best girl after Kaiki, but that's good enough
She's rad as fuck and voiced by the best active seiyuu, what do you expect? I strongly disagree about the other girls not being wonderful too though.
Medusa did nothing wrong. She a cute.

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Hey /a/, what do you think of Your lie in april?
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Isn't it a little bit early, little kitty?
Don't like it. Obnoxious characters and some of the most annoying comedy I've ever seen.

Kaori was done well, though, and I loved the letter at the end.
Too much forced drama. Forced illness.
But the worst is probably that the director is not able to keep the serious scenes serious.
The moment can be touching and just after the girl starts screaming and turning the whole scene into a comedy

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Why do normalfags hate mecha anime?
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Who cares?
Why are you asking /a/?
Because they can't get over the "it's like transformers and power rangers" and "giant robots are dumb"
but who cares?

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is there a better director than Masahiko Oota?
>first two seasons of Yuru Yuri
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My top 3
yes, tons actually.
Name one

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RAWs are out, expect the subbed episode within reasonable time.
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What are her 3 sizes again?
can love bloom between princesses with a 20 year age difference?
Man I fucking hate that shota so much.

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>tfw you're waifu will be forgotten in a year after her anime ends
>tfw you say that you're waifu is the "best girl", but come another season, you'll pick another girl as the "best girl"
>tfw you'll never be with your waifu no matter what you do
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You have one main waifu and then you can have seasonal waifus, like mistresses.
Nice thread, retard.
If you don't mind your waifu being associated with cancer, you can spam threads, just like many faggots here do.

But if it's You, you might as well go to /vg/ where the raibu circlejerking is always there.

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What are your 3 favorite comfy animes?

Yuru Yuri
Spicy Wolf
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I'm not requesting shit, trying to have an open conversation about comfy animes.
Kill yourself
Hang yourself
Murder yourself

What does /a/ think of binbougami ga?
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It was funny. And I loved the ED.
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binbougami ga 3.jpg
114KB, 1280x720px

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So her DVD will sell better
My wife Rize is so cute
She upholds the second amendment.

Did you like Space Battleship Yamato 2199?
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Only secondaries did
I haven't seen it.
of course it was filled with phat asses

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Are we going to witness a "two chosen ones" trope? Because considering their parallelism it would be actually way more interesting than just killing one or another.

Griffith does change the world and Guts does something equally important but on his own terms.
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>Guts does something equally important
Fucks a little witch?
Finds America?
Looks good in black?
>Finds America?
That's very important. After many years America becomes superpower and will rekt Falconia with glorius F-22 and Tomahawks.
>muh parallelism
The fuck? Are you talking about muh black and white cheap symbolism which really doesn't exist in Berserk? Or Falcon of Light and Darkness, when both figures refer to Griffisu character since Guts always resembles the mad dog. Get your shit straight.
Guts isn't even a chosen one to begin with; he was supposed to die with his comrades in Eclipse (as Griffith's sacrifice) but his strength and strong will let him survive til the end.
On the other hand, Griffith is a God Hand, he CHOSE to become one of them. He never was a "chosen one"
>Guts does something equally important
Guts is only interested in getting his revenge. He doesn't want to be a hero or save muh world like any generic MC. He has his own goals and makes his own future.

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