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New chapter came out recently and I kind of wanted to talk about it. Not expecting a whole lot though because Gintama manga threads tend to die really fast.

Who is everybody excited to see return? Besides the obvious ones like Tsukuyo and the semi-regular cast members I mean.
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Jirocho is one of my favorite characters in the series. Someone said he's returning.
What characters are those?

Who's the sleeveless shirt guy?
I wouldn't doubt it. In an arc like this I'd be disappointed if he didn't return in some capacity. He's one of the characters who loves Edo more than anyone else after all.

I kind of thought it was firefighter girl but yeah, too muscular. And I think she's already made an appearance in the town itself.

So what kind of panties does hoku hoku wear?
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I just want to see her mouth

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>I am very old-fashioned. I have my own library of anime VHS tapes, and my audio tapes. It is very ungrateful people throwing them away just because "UH. A CD quality. Great. Now I can trash my other stuff." How would you feel if your girls switched you for a better "quality" guy?
>Hey, VHS and audio tapes were the future back there. I still found those objects more the treasures, specially in how the were created. Quality is not everything you know, but rather the existence. I have my tape of the anime Metropolis and the DVD too.
>Ok, I may be a collector, but I really hate how people talk about those "Ancient" items like they are trash. They should be treasured as they were the fathers and grandfathers of CDs and DVDs. Sadly, they do not sale VHS tapes here anymore. It stopped in 2006. I always went in looking for the tapes of the movies I wanted.
>I couldn't afford a DVD player also at the time. But I still see my dear VHS tapes in my tape recorder. Specially the anime I recorded from TV.
>You see, these items have so much importance to me, because I grew with them. Almost every year I spent a month or 3 re-watching my tapes.
>Some much good memories come together with those tapes of the time those cartoons were broadcasted in TV and how was my life in that time.

Are any of your sentimental about your older format anime collections like this guy?
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>all that fukken text
I have some old tapes, they're cool, I like em.
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sage fag
Meh, I threw most of my anime on VHS a long time ago.

Shit platform overall.

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Why do modern harems do this?
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Because otaku that self insert into these characters would do the same.
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What's your threshold for "modern" here?

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We haven't had one of these in a while.
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good, let's keep it that way
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A classic.

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If this did get an anime in our plane of existence, whose route should it be?
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Akiha route of course.

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Explain to me the appeal for Fate. I tried playing for a few hours but I still don't get why it's so praised. Not saying it's horrible, but it's surprisingly mediocre.
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They're just being ironic.

Nothing in that series makes sense, and the many asspulls it has doesn't help.

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I just finished Code Geass, I thought it was really good, what did you guys think of it?
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Literally the best animu of the history.
Ohgi did NOTHING wrong, and you're probably closeted if you wouldn't have done the same to fuck Viletta

Show me the worst of the worst, /a/. Who wins the award for worst parent in anime? Can any of them hold a candle to this one right here?
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I know he is not the worst but Naruto is pretty up there.

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Holy shit

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どうも, /a/
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So unsexy.
ちいさい おっぱい ご ほめ!

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There should be more small chests in anime.
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OP, you have a patrician's taste and should feel good.
There are enough
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HEALTHY anime girls are for ____.
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feeding to polar bears
the garbage.
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the roughest of groping

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Say 'ahhhh'~
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What did he mean by this?
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>Hokuto No Ken thread
>No replies, at the bottom of the catalog

Damn! That's why this place sucks... 3 or more threadsabout that crap of DB Super but no fucks given to this masterpiece.

The dumber nigger, I think it was that Mr T guy Ken easily killed, if I remember well
>The dumber nigger, I think it was that Mr T guy Ken easily killed, if I remember well
Buronson predicted Hulk Hogan dropping the N-word 30 years before it happened. Okay, so he actually says 黒ブタ in moon.
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I can't fucking take it anymore. This show is content with jerking you off right up to the point where you want to cum, but not finishing.

I know... It's 8 min Japanese breeding propaganda, but I don't care. It puts me at full attention.
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Just read the porn it's originally based on.

>your visage when you realize
>Japanese breeding propaganda
>Encourages people to masturbate to 2d women instead of boning 3d women

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