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In this week's chapter,we found out how Xíng Hài
do her hair and get to see some fanservice of her wearing only a sleeping sleeping yukata
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Elf Rape in 2 Hours
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It will be nice to see that these guys get the punishment they deserve.
Source pls......
Yeah. Elves are fucking sluts.

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I don't know what most of the other animes are but they look too old so I'll probably never watch them.
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Very cool and smart. We're off to a great start.
Good bait. 8/8 though.

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Serious question /a/, I'm trusting you. Which have been, in your opinion, the most influential and relevant waifus in the history of anime/manga since th 90's. Girls from visual novels may be included too.

I'll start with a classic
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Right off the top of my head in no particular order.

>Sailor Moon

Which Chidori? Which Asuka?

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Last one was deleted/moved,so here's a new one,Just make sure to write some unfunny joke or some crap so you know who don't come here to spoil the fun.
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[insert joke here]
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[Insert another joke here]
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[No joke needed here]

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How far do you take waifuism?
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Grand Blue new chapter soon, I hope
I'm a waifuist level Heavenly Axis Realm.

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Episode 10 and subs are out.
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I want to fuck Rena.
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I knew it, that was definitely Asumin.
>You'll never get to take care of cute little girls

Why even live?

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Lett or right?
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My Goddess, Eris.

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>149193094
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Which VN is this from?
>The 8 Goddess

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Is this what you like?
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Girls putting on pony tail is the hottest shit
>lifting her arms up revealing the nice shapely armpits underneath
>bending her upper body back, lifting up her chest while keeping her mid riff in a nice angle
Could it be weaponized?

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Pso I tzast ouatsed this so seriel Experimeds Lain ad I chabe to ask:
Chou ouere Lain Anischeralis?

I try to learn, but to my avel no revil chou se (MCL Lain's Lain) is:

Ouen I started ouatsing the so, I that se ouas the Suicide Girl, but that theory ouas broken ouen se killed cherself. The rest of the epimedea focoused on some ouired Girl chou did'd really react to get text messatzes from Suicide Girl. I that this could'd be MC Lain becaouse se so low soschemic ouerth (Lain Stakkas), so definitely not her. Maybe other girl? Nut bo, because other girl nomae wa MCL's fried Alisu?? So chou ouas Lain Anischeralis?

Next Epimedia not chelpful either, as Drag Tedder and Bar Addict neither Lain nor even close.

For Time I that Sesterial Aldogenitor ouas Lain, pero se die of Psuche by pentacostal epimedia (not even Passover!). Since only chalf to teleusis (5/13) for death I that she Not Actually Lain (DARN!).

I that perchaps it is the FATHER chou is Lain? Demo this is demonstratorily -- False, as se the Lain is Not A Man with Glasses according to Wikipedia? And Ouould'd really Make too sense for Series of naming a Character Main if Only as Frequent as the FATHER?

The Lain ouas'd The Souts Mans (In Moor) either. Nor ouas the Lain apparently the KNiCHTS (they Died). So Chou the FAK se Lain?

Ouas the Lain se Allamao Chou ouere the soueter? Perchaps represed Lain Chistianis, but definitely ouere not Lain Anischeralis.

Definitely Tzesus ouas dodn't Lain. Kimotzi creepy. Also Creppy Staker udil Death.

I finised CHOLE serial epimedia, (13/13) and STILL do NOT know: CHOU THE FAK OUERE LAIN ANISCHERALIS?

The Only Idea I chad se (Lain Anisheralis) Perchaps tourely the Girl se ouere the bear sout staker MCL's fried Alisu for lesbian momeds and asscend ture ultimate Theologos (Diety God for Diat Piiza). This is my Last and Most Stretz of A theory: Ouere this unlikely Figure Lain Anischeralis?

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So i tend to fancy myself an expert on fucktardenese, i read Google Translate MTL for a few series of LN's and other shit, and i've read many a retarded ass 4chan post over the many fucking years i've been here. Holy fuck anon.

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I just marathoned 704 episodes of this show, when does it get good?
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>I just marathoned 704 episodes of this show,
I do hope you took toilet breaks.
Also, keep in mind that humans are not supposed to stay awake for over a week. It does funny things to your brain.
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anon you're supposed to just read the mango for this one...
Never, it's Toei. just read the manga already, the anime is trash.

>come home
>see this
what do?
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poco is not for bullying
You can fool me, Japan. I'd be a terrible father.

Why can't modern anime writers write romance as good as Video Girl Ai?
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>the girl I loved all along was the girl who was helping me fall in love with the girl I thought I was in love with
Because VGAI was a manga.
WAY better than the animu.
Not the ending. Ai also has a god tier VA, Megumi Hayashibara, who you don't get in the manga.

What is the saddest manga that you have read?

Mine is boku wa mari no naka
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Mine would have to be Nice Fucking Rec Thread

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