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I'm just curious, despite being black and white with tones and shades of gray; does anyone else besides me see/read or imagine color when reading manga? Can you give examples and such?
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Nope. Never have.
what is this
No that's autistic

>Watch the masterpiece that is Madoka
>Filled with emotion and cannot stop thinking about the events that transpired in the series for months after watching it
>Still think about key moments now
>Watched it twice, last time being 3 months ago
>Still just as excellent as I remember it being. Maybe even more so the second time watching actually.
>Tight, refined plot that knows what it wants to convey
>Absolutely amazing and memorable OST

>Watch this
>MC is the epitome of an unlikable faggot
>Cringed hard at him sperging out at Emilia while in bed and making a cunt of himself in front of everybody at the royal selection
>Story is all over the place with no rhyme or reason
>No real key moments that stick out to me as truly memorable, something which Madoka has in spades.
Yeah Rem is cute, wew, so are a ton of other characters in the series, but that doesn't save it from being, overall, disappointing.
The MC just kills the entire thing by being a pitiful, irredeemable sack of shit.

OST is forgettable too besides the ending theme.
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you're right and that's ok.
Yeah madoka is better. So what? There's better shows out there than both.
madoka's characters are robotic and don't act natural whatsoever

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Poor man's Bakemonogatari
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Why do retards compare the two?
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Poor gay man's Mushishi.
Poorfag's Natsume

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Why did people like Samurai Flamenco?
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It's a brilliant love letter to toku that made my heart burn with justice and love and justicelove.
The first ed with the girls was fucking amazing too.
Can't find the TV version, the animation with the balls was ridiculously cute.
It's probably one of my favorite shows, up there with Tiger and Bunny. I enjoyed the less gay in SF.

>show starts with the bromantic misadventures of sugita-cop and an autistic justice-obsessed model
>shit hits the fan and becomes completely ridiculous and unpredictable
>anime original

one of the wildest rides on /a/ in recent memory. It was absolutely crazy
Why was he is in space?
Why was there a clone of him?
Why did he became part of the power rangers?

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the raws are cancer so i didn't bother with actually putting the pieces together
let's get this over with

Chapter 132: Solitude
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this page is necessary because it was in the raws
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>Baki: This match has ended!
>B: Stop this!!!
>Motobe: You idiot...
>M: If we stop now...
>Musashi: Oohhh...
>MS: Boy!
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>M: I can't protect you, then, can I......
>B: He took him down...!?
>Tokugawa: A tackle!?

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Would you care for and love a batgirl?
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I'm still waiting for more.
Where the fuck is continuation.
I waited for it years already.
I need my S&W-like fix.
I really hope he realizes the potential of this instead of that batgirl ntr bullshit we got instead.

It could be zton's path to being serialized in a magazine

It's been over 14 years since Azumanga Daioh finished publishing. What do you think Osaka is teaching her students right now?
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

52 days!

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Finns are gross, but at least she's not M14.
>my waifu is not there

2nd Christmas without moot.


Did anyone watch Valkyrie Drive? I just gave a run because I have nothing better to do.

Just, why is it so bad? Unappealing characters aside, the dynamic where girls have to arouse each other to become weapons is terrible. Because once the story turned to action, they pretty much had to toss out the thing that made it unique and the action wasnt even good. Were they really planning on making this some sort of big series?
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The anime is rancid garbage.
The Vita game is good.
What did you expect from a series filled to the brim with borderline hentai fanservice? There are genuinely good ecchi anime with good characters and plot; anyone could look at this and tell that Valkyrie Drive is not one of them.
Though the characters and plot are still shit. And the fan service takes a downturn.

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So I just finished the Hellsing manga and OVA(which was basically the same story as the manga) and I have also watched all the released episodes of Drifters. I read somewhere that there's an old Hellsing anime from the 90s. Is that one any good? Is it something worth checking out?
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Yes, a tv series by Gonzo and it's very dissapointing if you know about Hellsing, everything after the Valentine brothers are bad filler and the main villain is a joke
This anon is right. Don't bother watching it, mate.
Just listen to its soundtrack. Don't bother watching the show itself, it's highly disappointing.
Besides, you already saw the best part of Hellsing... Both of them!

Terra ForMars Chapter 200
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Ouch. Roach invasion now.
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How come no one saw his handcuffs?
The handcuffs got ignored harder than Nami.
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>The handcuffs got ignored harder than Nami.
it's shit
They look more like bracelets than handcuffs

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The Junon Boy ride never ends

>tfw read Volume 12
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What happens in volume 12?
Scanlations are out? Where? I can't find them anywhare.
I bought the recent English release. It was an incredible read from beginning to end. Truly, there is no grace in a world without a season 2 for Barakamon.

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post best girls
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Why not?
fuck you
>hetfags will try to claim it isn't yuri

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