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>his only friends are children
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Not true, in some episodes he talks about his friends. He doesn't introduce them to Conan because he doesn't want them to die.

Kaito's assistant is also his friend.
Well then. And here I thought he was just an old kiddie-diddler.
Movie 20 when? The subbed version out there is the worst piece of shit I have ever watched.

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Do you like glasses?
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glasses + braids is top-tier combo
If a girl has glasses she is instantly best girl.

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>In an alternative present, many people under the age of 18 started developing a special gene who allows them to perform magic, and these individuals are sent to special magical schools to learn how to use their powers

You continue
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>mc is a cock hungry crossdressing boy
>mc goes to the nurse and there is a girl in underware
>She later transfers into his class

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So, /a/, what are some essential soundtracks and songs every /a/utist should listen to? Of course all the Monogatari songs, every FATE soundtrack, but what else?

Also, are there any official /a/non approved soundtrack listings for essential anime music?
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The whole idea of listening to a soundtrack is bizarre. It wasn't made to stand on it's own. It's the equivalent of watching an anime on mute.
Do you not listen to entire albums? Many of them are meant to be heard in one sitting instead of a few at a time.

Regardless, it doesn't have to be entire soundtracks. What do you think are the essential /a/ songs?
Shinsekai Yori

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Why are legal lolis garbage?
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Your thread is garbage and wrong.
Because you are shit.

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Say something about this wife.
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Tomoya was a Chad, Nagisa a Stacy. They reaped what they sowed.
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Which is a cute daughter to raise together.
She has good child bearing hips.

What was his fucking problem?
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He was frustrated his friend kept losing despite having an awesome car.
He says that, even if jeeringly.

I have not seen a single thread for this show since it began airing, why aren't you watching comfiest short of the season?
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>5.9 on MAL

Those idiots gobble anything up, anything below a 6 is usually criminally bad. Why would I bother watching this?
I am, there's nothing to talk about it.
>caring about mal ratings
You should stay there.

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Post them.
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More like best girl thread.
>implying not all tsunderes are shitty

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A new chapter just came out yesterday.
Most disappointing show. I was so hype for it from the reaction .gifs, and all I got was halfhearted yuri and soulles SoL.
it was amazing, tf you talking about

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What's the best setup for anime watching nowadays?
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This thread is galkos
Is the pureslut genre going to be a thing in the near future?
Which anime portrait them?
I only remember b gata h key
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her sister was a literal slut, though.
>galko pure
>sister isn't

i don't see how this affects galko's purity.
She is covered in random guys pubes because of that

Who does mags here?
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I recently got an English Angelic Layer-themed New Type magazine. It still has its Evangelion centerfold poster and Five Star Stories poster intact. It's really cool that it has several pages dedicated to character art from Infinite Ryvius, which is so far an incredible show.
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Here are some scans i tried to took from the latest book i got (the Dirty Pair one)
I love older art styles like that but that big picture's drawn rather strangely.

Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread Spooktacular #7

Remember to relax and spook it easy.


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A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Tharja wearing any of these characters clothes or any of Kirias outfits.

Tharja dressed as any Pokegirl of your choice.

Anything with SI.

Tharja refs - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg
SI refs - http://imgur.com/a/jHKHG
Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- eating a snowcone or ice cream

- holding the game case for Pokemon Sun & Moon and looking really excited

- wearing the same swimsuit as Mio Kusakai (from Keijo)

kisekae reference: http://i.imgur.com/NyHSLXX.png

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
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Requesting Natsume with one of the following ideas:
- Freddy Krueger's outfit
- Michael Jackson's Thriller outfit
- Olivert from Trails in the Sky http://imgur.com/a/WRd91
- Ethel from Fairy Fencer F http://imgur.com/a/kdF7M
- Kunkka
- wandering Silent Hill
- Spook me with her wearing something really scary

For something different since my birthday recently occurred, requesting Natsume in naked kneesocks with chocolate spelling "Happy Birthday" on her chest like this

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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I am indifferent to it.

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