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Please say something nice about Riko-chan, /a/!
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What was that hentai called again?

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kuudere loli or a Busty tsundere 99%off
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What grade of tsundere are we talking about here? Rate her on a scale between SSS+ perfection like Kurisu and F trash like generic harem tsuns.
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Seraphim is Godess in the tasteful guilty pleasure
I will take the necromancer., thank you very much.

Hey faggots,

My name is Nadeko and I fucking hate every single one of you. All of you are annoying, selfish, no-lifers who spend every second of their day buying stupid ass charms. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any snake skin? I mean, I guess it's fun not talking to other people because of your own insecurities, but you all take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures of class reps with glasses.

Tonikaku, don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the national twister team, and starter on my Shinobu search group. What sports do you play, other than "get scammed by Kaiki because I'm so stupid and gullible"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot half-vampire friend (he just rejected me; shit was SO haah?!). You should all do the world a favor and kill yourselves.

Pic related, it's me and my Koyomi-oniichan.
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Your manga is shit, and you can't draw for shit.

I said with a posed look
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>shit was so "haah?!"

This always gets me
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Whatever you fucking bitch.

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What did he mean by this?
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Here's what happens next, warning its a little gorey
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I'lll spoil the really graphic images to protect the childrens
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what you think of this scene /a/?

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Why isn't anyone talking about this anime?
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Because it's being marketed to the Chinese
Because /a/utism
Because no torrents.

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Do we officially recognize it now in a club of best studios for patricians with good taste, along with KyoAni ,Godakobo and PA Works?
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>progressive enslavement works
>on par with GodAni and Godakobo
Fuck outta here
PA Works are nearest studio to KyoAni glory - being non Tokyo based studio that is located in Nanto, Toyama preffecture.

They also make not generic otaku garbage, but refined drama works with realistic art (and occasional keyshit, since KyoAni doesnt do it anymore).

Despite not having the consistency of KyoAni, they are able to produce great looking and directed works.
>PA Works
I don't think their last two shows really helped them get closer to kyoani

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Name one good harem anime!
Protip: you can't.
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thinly veiled recommendation thread.

fuckersare fast
>No anime allowed.

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>First Shueisha licensed adaption in China
>Project to create 2D Idol
How come it's considered 2D when it is a live adaption?
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What in the fuck.
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I don't get it
Give me some source
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But Umaru in her orange and MILF form is a blonde aryan goddess.

Asian girls can't look like Umaru unless they get surgery.

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>wake up
>see this

Wat do?
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The answer is at the end of the chapter.

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This guy walks into your room and slaps your waifu on the ass. What would you do?
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Such alpha behaviour! I'd suck his dick to prep the bull to fuck my waifu's ass.
throw a basketball

Season 2 when?
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What would it even be about? more adventures of Samurai Flamenco? dude already met "god".
You're right I guess. I guess I want more anime like this where shit hits the fan all of a sudden and goes out of control
Finished it yesterday it was great, didn't thought a show could come so far with this kind of setting.
Best part for me was the intense gay ending.
this show got some ball.

I just finished pic related. holy shit how come Kumagawa is so fucking awesome. He managed to be more interesting than the rest of the cast somehow.
Oh also Medaka box thread I guess
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Medaka Box had really cool ideas, I just wish the execution was better and it didn't contradict itself so much.

>make her literally the boss of one arc, conflict against Zenkichi, get rekt throughout the manga, not even conscious during the final battle despite being the main character of a shonen series

>he wins sometimes anyway (even if something bad happens after, still doesn't change the fact that he beat some people)

>he gets super powers anyway and beats final boss

Nisio Isin needs to make Ajimu on top of my penis.
Zenkichi was the MC
Zenkichi didn't stand out that much but he was the MC. Not Medaka.

ITT: "Villains" who did literally nothing wrong.
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>tries to obliterate his home planets capital city with 20 million ton hunk of metal
>nothing wrong
season 2 when?
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I'm liking rugby anime but damn he's an annoying protagonist.

Hot-blooded shounen protagonists need to be stopped.
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>Hot-blooded shounen protagonists need to be stopped.
Your favourite character must be 8man right?
Probably not what you want to hear but in my opinion he is one of the least annoying shonen protagonists.

But in general what would be the alternative? We talk about teenagers,so maybe the depressed emo kid, the introverted "nerd" or mister perfect who never has a hard day?
Cool I like rugby, maybe I'll watch this.

I also like scuba diving but watching that scuba diving anime with the 2 lesbians was real torture, I couldn't make it.

Hope this will be different.

ITT: We translate the new episode one line at a time.

>(ファンA)なあ あれ
>Hey, over there.
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>私 声を聞いたときから
>I've been a big fan ever since I first heard your voice.
>(千歳)うれしいな ありがとう
>I'm so happy, thank you.
>She's a goddess!
>An angel!

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