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left or right?
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left's body with right's face
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Left for titfucks, right for marriage and reproduction.

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>This time isn't eternal. Someday, I'll part with the friends I love. No matter how hard I wish otherwise, in the blink of an eye, everything becomes part of the past. If only I could stuff this moment in time into a container to store it on ice. That way, I wouldn't have anything to be worried about.
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It's like poetry.
It's meaningless.
>word salad
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Don't feel too bad, Kumiko. Your band days might end, but you'll have a relationship with Shuichi ready to replace it.

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Best girl.
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Yes, yes. We know what you're into, Lulu
Would the entirety of CG's plot have been avoided if Lelouch and her just married each other like they blatantly wanted to?
>implying the show only had one best girl

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Have any of you seen this? What does /a/ think about it
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Great movie.
Good movie but don't expect much discussion about it from this shithole.
It's good aye.

We had a couple of threads when it first got subbed, most people liked it. Think the only thing was that quite a few didn't like the electric guitars on the soundtrack.

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How does Kazuma restrain himself?
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Why is there a little wet spot on her twat?

Explosions make her moist.
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Rejoice, Europoors.
Germany is getting Kizumonogatari 1-3 in cinema, only ~20 days after it premiers in Japan.
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>Watching flops
Do anime movies in gaijin countries have subtitles?
Either subs or dubs.
This one will have subs.

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Never Forget.
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New chapter LITERALLY W H E N ???
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I forgot it the day I finished it.
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Mikakunin was enjoyable but ultimately forgettable.

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Post the happiest of families.
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>part of the Emiya family

Anyone know what Archer thinks of Emiya?
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1 day till new episode. Is the speculah dead?

The full ED is fucking legit
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While I don't think it's bad, and I am enjoying it, Lostarge doesn't seem to have the same hype behind it that Infected did. The threads in 2014 were non-stop speculah and discussion. This time seems like the interest has died too quickly.
Probably because nothing worth mentioning has happened yet.
All episodes so far are just recaps and the occasional batoru with a hint of depression.
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I want Mel to tell me she wants to be like me

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Sorry I couldn't possibly take something so valuable.
No thanks, I don't want to catch your down syndrome

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So now that the dust has settled... What was the point of this show? He got transported to a generic fantasy world, met a generic fantasy girl, met a more interesting one that loved him, told her to fuck off, killed a whale, and then got with generic fantasy girl. What made them look at the source and think "Damn, people need to see this"? And why the fuck did it work?
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>So now that the dust has settled...
Kill yourself.
this desu

I can't understand why people ate this shit up. It was trash
because of suffering
that's why it wasn't that good after episode 18

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Can we have a fire bush thread?
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Sure.Why not.
Is it me or she will end up getting raped in the battlefield?
If that happens I will drop this anime

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What do you think of that /a/?
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I ain't even mad.jpg
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I'm sorry my thread is bad
Is anyone reading Yuzumori-san

>This is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

What the fuck is this show even
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Japs have no idea about world history or how other people look
But Mozart is dead.
Other than the pink hair, it's a pretty accurate depiction.
Mozart was quite the "eccentric".

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My wife Shii is so cute

ED release when?
is that a loli?
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My wife Tamaki is so cute

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