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Why are lolis so verboten?
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Dangerous mods tonight.
Deleting threads left and right.
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pic related
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You must be new.

How do you feel about my wife Mugi?
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I feel you shouldn't post semi-nude pictures of her on an anonymous forum. It's kind of weird, don't you think? Distributing fap material of your waifu to strangers?

Are you into NTR?
How did you celebrate Obergefell v. Hodges?
How is Detroit this time of the year?

There are series that bore us, series that entertain us in their stupidity, but when has a series made you MAD? I don't just mean slightly riffled, I mean when your anger alone could prevent entropy from happening just so you could continue to direct your wrath at the piece of filth you just had to witness.
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>prevent entropy from happening
I don't think you understand what entropy is.
Entropy is the knowledge that all temperatures and energy in the universe are balancing each other out, or that all things are slowing down. This will inevitably result in the heat-death of the universe, and all matter becoming cold and lifeless for eternity.
Rather, that is what Entropy will cause to the universe. Assuming the universe is finite, which it likely is.

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Wold you a girl with a plump, 10/10 would grope voluptuous body?
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you bet your virgin ass I would
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>plump, 10/10 would grope voluptuous body

of course
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Opinions on this head tilting piece of work?
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Not bad. Would have preferred if White Fox adapted it.
Some of the CG was terrible, but outside that it was done well.
only if they had katanagatari staff do it

He did nothing wrong
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Read the book, faggot.
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Nothing wrong.

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>mfw c/lit/s frequently ask if they should read the abridged or unabridged version

ITT: anime you dropped and want to know if it's worth picking back up

Pic related. On ep 6. It's slow and boring, has shitty character development and brings me 0 feels. Is it even worth continuing? They're all so fucking whiney
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>a bunch of sheltered teenagers suddenly got into a world where you can't eat without risking your life
>why are they whining so muich
There's a point to realism in story telling where it starts to distract and become annoying

This show can't find it's balance or limit worth shit
What happened in the last ep you watched? It had a lot of character development but it only kicked in after a certain point.

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Fuck off, chinks.
>The goal of this joint venture is to create Chinese style animation

International co-production seems to be all the rage these days, be it with the likes of Netflix and Amazon or the Chinese in this case. While the extra money will be good for getting more projects of the ground, these international productions will have to cater to a broader audience.

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>Only 4 chapters so far in the anime
>Plot made me read the manga
>Cuz of creator it made me watch Hellsing again
>Readed the manga of Hellsnig again as well
>10/10 Drifters
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Where's muh
i've seen a lot of people bitching about the comedy but i think a story like this needs it
Sure you did, Nguyen.

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Why is Fremy so perfect?

Season 2 when?
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What's up with all these Rokka threads recently
not that I'm complaining
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Because Fremy is best girl and honestly I have nothing else to do.
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Fremy is a god damn miracle

Translations when?

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I will post this every day from now on
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Please put down your hands
cause I see you
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Thanks for the cookies, Anon.
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You've already made this thread.
I'm really bored.
So come up with something new, don't perpetuate your own lack of interest.

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Did he deserve to get cucked?
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It doesn't matter whether he deserves to be cucked or not, slut hime will cuck everyone if she gets the chance. She cucked bat, she cucked eggs, and she'll inevitably cuck her current husband once she sees another moving human with a dick.
He dodged a bullet. literally
Honestly I'm not surprised he turned gay after that.
Trips speak the truth, Asshime is no prize. He's lucky Cancan got saddled with her for the long run instead.

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Tell me guys, why is Galko so pure?
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Good parents.
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no homu pls
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Slaine a best!!

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