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>tfw when you start listening to eurobeat unironically multiple times a day
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After all the meming about D E J A V U
I searched this song and I listened it few days ago.
Damn... I'm listening this song all day everyday since.



Is this character the embodiment of everything wrong about anime MC's?

>androginous character design
>bland personality
>has a harem
>refused to have sex with a solid 10/10 only because he is shy
>obnoxious white knight
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We get it, Digibro, you vape.
just like me
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All anime MC's need to be exactly like me

>watching NHK on big TV in the basement, an episode a day
>mom, dad, and sister start watching with me every time
this is bad right?
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No, it's fine.

They should understand that you're a loser who's hoping that a girl will appear out of thin air one day to fix your life.
They're your Misaki.

Take the chance.
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actually they probably understood that they watched Tatami Galaxy with me

kill me

Why is the Iowa so BIG
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She's American, they're all big.
Because she's full of Freedom and Democracy.
When will this meme end?

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>ywn be a magical girl
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shut up and post brrrap
Stop reminding me.
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> ywn be a witch

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How's the animation for Ajin S1 and S2? Just shotgunned the manga on a whim and I'm loving this shit.

Ajin: Demi-Human thread.
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If you can endure 3DCG, go check it. It is quite good.
its alright . . .

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ITT: Shows you regret finishing.

Pic related. You guys weren't kidding. The story made literally no fucking sense and the battles were 90% recycled animation. Why the fuck did I watch this shit?
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Second season and Movie of Gundam 00 for me.
So you can say it's shit without seedbabbies going "BUTT U DJDNT EVRN FINISH IT"
The only reason destiny is brought up in any discussion is so people can say "well Seed wasn't that bad in comparison".

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>open door
>see this
What do?
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fill her mouth with sweet things
sweet things make people happy
Pat gently her head to make her feel secure.
Murder someone

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How about some EXPLOSIONS?
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Post smuggest girl
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Aqua is better.

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How do they have sex?
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Ask /fa/. They're the experts on fucking your clothes.
as if /fa/ knew how to fuck
Senketsu has shapeshitfing abilities.

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SSJ1 goku Vs Jotaro Kujo
who wins
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>Jotaro's stand can phase through
>it takes out Goku's brain and heart
>Jotaro beat multiversal Dio which beat GER in the videogame that Araki wrote
>Jotaro says atatatatatatata goku dead
>Jotaro puts banana peel on ground
>waits for Goku to attack
>Goku slips on banana peel
>Yare yare daze
>star platinum FTL hand phase through Goku's skull and crushes his brain
>adjusts hat
>yare yaaaare daze
>turns his back on Goku

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20th century.jpg
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Kenji is a good and charismatic boy, the bad guys envy him. He become a freaking loser as an adult, but the bad guys still resent him.
The guy dies, but not really he just loses his memory and become scared LOL.
He came back as a messiah and all of the sudden all his stupid actions are "wise" for everyone and always work, he touches the heart of the masses with shitty music, when the other characters were to do something they question themselves. "What would kenji do?"

way to force an MC, i really hope this manga losed popularity and was canned to justify the full plot hole ending.
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Urasawa ending are all shit
yes, a waste of time, monster is his only good piece
idk i loved the whole ride overall

Maybe it's just the role that "Kenji" played that got me. Also 20th century boys and 21st century boys seemed lengthy enough.
Not to say it wasn't shit. All of Urasawa's works throw out the pacing and narrative halfway through the story.

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>what do you do?
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ask where's best girl asuka
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Let her do.
M-make love with her, s-senpai

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Let's talk about waifus.

What do you like most about your waifu?
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I like how she's sweet and responsible. If I get sick, she would probably stay by my side the whole day.
Why is Karen so shit? She ruined this whole picture. Both frames are the same fucking screenshot
I like how she can sexually please 6 men simultaneously.

how much value do you put into visual direction
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At least things actually happen in Re Zero unlike mundane Kyoani shows.
None. I'm a White Foxfag.
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