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Even after all these years, I just can't see Mugi as cute or attractive with those damn eyebrows. Why doesn't she just shave them off?
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She melts
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Can I interest you in a Sumire-chan?
But nobody likes the kouhais

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yanagida thing.jpg
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>MC falls for "main" girl's more boyish BFF instead
Is this the best romance cliche ever?
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I hardly ever see it, but it certainly seems way better. Also
>that tomboy design
That shit makes me diamonds
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>short hair
>cute freckles
>short hair
>short hair
>dorky sense of fashion
>short hair
Literal perfection.

Also, if anyone hasn't read it, there's this cute oneshot that's about this trope.
It's only a cliche if it happens frequently (or at all for that matter)
Tomboys never win, aside from Adachi manga and when a certain blonde love interest dies before the end.

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Prove me wrong
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OP you are correct
You never grow out of cripplingly anxiety
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Has there ever been a more attractive waifu?
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She looks too much like an amorphous moeblob.

I liked her very early design a lot more. Felt like it had more character to it.
A character cannot intrinsically be a waifu.

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saber > all
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You wake up only to find that you have now become the 2D little girl you've always wanted to be. What is your first course of action /a/?
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Make this expression
and then?

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what the fuck is she playing
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What the fuck are you smoking to be this dumb?
She has sticks in her hands, it's the drums

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How much value do you put into instrument direction?
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I feel like ripping out my eyes from their sockets every time I see something made by KyoAni.
Those are the sexiest instruments I've ever seen in anime.
Me too, we're just not worthy.

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maxresdefault (3).jpg
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is it any good?
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I'd recommend Walking Dead
No, it's overrated trash that's better suited for /co/.
Nah. Harry Potter is garbage and no amount of Disney girls can change that.

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In the theater, this shit better be worth the $15 I just payed for it.

>tfw I'm the only one in here
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Have you watched pt 1 yet?
It ends with Ararararararagi becoming a tree.
This is a lie, anon. It ends with hand holding.

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>decide to re-read Berserk
>just finished the Golden Age Arc

God damn. It makes me so sad knowing that the series will never be as fantastic as it once was. The Golden age arc was a masterpiece. The newer chapters are a disgrace.
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If your thread died on a fast board, it deserved to die.
/a/ isn't that fast.
I love the "let's parrot /a/" meme too

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Who the fuck names their kid "Dragon"?
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Garp, apparently.
When your last name is Monkey, you don't really give a shit about anything.

Have you read Garps character?

He's a top marine that had a son that he wanted to be a top marine. Dragon is a dank name makes since.

I wonder where garp is now.

Hey do any of you hope the strawhats get a pet that happens to eat a baddass zoan fruit?

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Waiting on spoilers anyday now... Was hoping we could talk about the upcoming chapter, theories and whatnot and maybe the anime which of course we know even less about.
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Yeah, I didn't think anyone would respond. Oh well, shameless bump anyway.
Bro just pretend to be nostalgiafag or uqfag and troll the opposing side.
Latest released chapter is the flashback unto beating, right? The first one after that hiatus?

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Describe this manga in 5 words
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greatest of all time masterpiece
You're mistaking it with Makai no Hoshi
Better than naruto and bleach

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What went wrong?
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mahou shoujo suou

couldn't fucking write a ending to save their lives TWICE IN A FUCKING ROW

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