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Just caught this movie on the big screen. It was really good, none of that bittersweet ending crap Shinkai used to do.
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Nice, I'm jealous. I'm not really convinced it's a "good" movie but the production values are undoubtedly impressive and seeing it on the big screen must've been awesome. I hope Funi brings it to Canada.
>I'm not really convinced it's a "good" movie
There's a pantsu shot in the movie.
Oh and they didn't translate the contents of the diary so I have no idea what EOPs are supposed to think there.

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Happy Halloween. Would you dress up as Boko to make Arisu happy?

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>we have a pastebin now
And i used to joke about it in the past.
it isn't a sin
Erwin is cute and also my wife.

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Redheads are always best girls of their show
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Blondes are always best but redheads are almost never worst girls.
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>whimpers pleasedly

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What did you think of this?

How does it compare to its modern day contemporary Nisekoi?
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Back on the day I considered Manaka Junpei the bane of my existence, worse than any other male harem main character.

But eh, at least best girl won
It was the original blue-baller for me. Fucking hated Manaka for being so fortunate and yet restraining himself when he shouldn't have.
This is a masterpiece compared to Nisekoi.

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YJ scans on time this week, dumping ch45 raws.

Starting with v4 tank cover.
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>Buu saga of Kai has supposedly been recorded but no official announcements for eons
>Radio silence regarding dubs for Yo! Son Goku And His Friends Return and Dragon Ball Super
I thought Dragon Ball was supposed to be an instant moneymaker and a good way of advertising the games and toys to kids, how are none of these dubbed and released yet? It seems silly from a business perspective. Besides, I don't mind granny Goku but I'm pretty nostalgic for the English voice cast
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Use the catalog dumbass >>149320599
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>Buu saga of Kai has supposedly been recorded but no official announcements for eons

This makes zero sense to me.

Why complete a dub, and never air it?

Especially a dub from the DB franchise??
Get a job, catalog anon

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Wew lads, seems like ms took World Trigger

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nigga no
dont do this to me nigga
please! be joke wake up\
Not falling for it
>they start mistranslating attacker/shooter and the rest of positions.
>they start mistranslating trigger names
>they start mistranslating border ranks
Not to mention
>Jesus fuck guys I need to get stronger
>Well done my fucking bro(instead of partner)

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I didn't want to masturbate today, but them abs...
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Also, before you ask, source is "black general san"
Secretary is still better
Boss is the cutest
i wonder if this would get animated one day. i still want more of lewd elf.

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Is this manga digital only?

This thing looks like it could break the printers
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Shit dem titties too powerful to be contained by puny panel borders.
It's serialized digitally, but gets print releases once there's enough chapters for a volume. I think two volumes are out by now.
Fat volumes?

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So how do you guys feel about Tsukihime?
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Long skirt > shit > short skirt
It is worthy of an anime.

Hopefully some day someone will make one.
One already exists, anon.

>Hardgore Alice
Who the fuck comes up with these names?
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Alright anon let us hear your magical girl name.
I love those names.
I'm still waiting.

How will it end? If I wrote it, I would end it by Guts finally getting revenge on Griffith, killing him, but then the God Hand being all 'sorry bruv, we need a final member' and him succumbing to his desire.

Casca, who is not branded, chooses not to pursue revenge on the God Hand as Guts' new demon form ekes out a Kingdom. Instead, she leaves the land, in pursuit of a new life with the Moonlight Child - hers, freed from the Egg after Guts' battle, who has come back to her and is with her when darkness falls.
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I just hope Casca won't run back to Griffith once she's healed.
>Casca, who is not branded,
If Guts were forced by Causality to become a member of Godhand, he would have to sacrifice Casca.
There is no way around that.

This is the objective problem with your idea. The other stuff is merely subjectively bad.
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If Guts where to become part of the godhand he would have to sack Caska (his most important person), and i don't see him doing that. I don't see him willing to sacrifice anyone really.

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hold her while kissing
Choke a bitch.

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Anyone else hyped for winter 2017?

it has to be better than this year right?
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Why do you do this, MALtard?
I'm not a mal person, just found & used that pic for the thread.
>guys I dislike the anime in (current year) do I fit in?

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>best romance of the year is actually in shitty shonen battle cartoon
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I don't believe you.
Explain. Convince us to watch this show.
Benio best girl.

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