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ghost hound.jpg
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Why is ghost hound not considered one of the greatest anime ever created?
Not only are the visuals stunning, but the plot and general mood of the story are a perfect mix of japanese culture, tabboos, scientific perspectives, and best of all history.
It's been on my mind for quite some time why such a masterpiece has been given so little attention.

>in before evangelion swarm
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The ending is pretty bad.

But yeah, it should at least be as popular as Lain, since it's basically Lain in the countryside.
I'd also like to add that continuity of anime is a vital aspect of it's survival as a series. Ghost Hound is one of the most fluid stories I have seen in a while. It seems most modern anime (speculating from 2015 - till today) lacks this simple characteristic and instead jolts towards one of two things:
1. Fighting/flashy animation
2. Broadening of a story line which should have been scrapped at pre-production (im looking at you Dragon Crisis!)

Thoughts? Am I retarded?
My favourite animu.

People hate the anticlimactic ending and also the babboon butt foetus designs for the soul travelling.

Has a sports anime/manga ever motivated you to exercise?
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Man, I fucking love Hajime No Ippo and this fanart is kickass. Thanks for sharing this piece of art.
Yes. It never lasted.
Little girls on the other hand managed to keep my enthusiasm up.
Yes, because of Ippo actually. I started boxing, got relatively fit, had a few amateur matches, and decided to try and become a professional. I joined a real gym where people actually train seriously rather than casually and realized it's really not for me. I can't dedicate so many hours each day to become as good as I should be to compete, so I just fight at this venue hosted by a local dive.

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Rinne is so fucking cute. Holy shit.
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Before she becomes a spree killer, anyway.
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She's still pretty cute even after that.
Nay. She has a new kind of moe now that makes one want to protect and hug to save her..

I know it's a manga page but does anyone still remember this anime? I finally finished it after putting it off for literal years.

I'm actually losing sleep over the ending, it's just so goddamn sad. How can you have such funny likable characters and have them die in this gut wrenching way? Fuck man it hurts, Rosette and Chrono were so cool.
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They are just sleeping anon. ;_;

Don't think too many people have watched it at this point, CC is like 13 years old now. I really love the series though, the characters have a special place in my heart.
Man, I guess you're right. Figure I'll just go watch some stupid happy stuff until I feel better.

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Cubs win

Baseball anime thread
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Fucking kill yourself bandwagoner fuck

Not /a/ related, fuck off, "muh" history meme lololol
Baseball anime is still anime
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We did it, lads

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I will be covering common themes present in a set of works, as well as analyzing them and their implications in the authors' respective works.

if you have any suggestions, comments, critique, or additions, please feel free to share.

Griffith did nothing wrong.
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Femto Dark.png
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The biggest theme possibly present, is that of Light and Darkness, it is the most prevalent in Berserk's publication and plays with the idea of what is good and what is evil.

Most notably is simply the colour scheme of guts and griffith in golden age arc, and fantasia arc
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Dark Chasing Light.png
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It is clear that, from the reader's point of view, Guts is the protagonist, and is an anti-hero character at face value. But it is the choices people make that define characters in berserk, not what they look like or say, although some characters demonstrate their world view through dialogue.
Griffith in the golden age is always donned a white character scheme, Guts is not fully black, but most of his wear is darker, the most notable black being his hair.

Griffith of course during the eclipse, shows the juxtaposition of light for dark, and encompasses what is seemingly evil to achieve his goal. He kills his familial friends for power.

Only much later, after Griffith is resurrected, do we see what Griffith uses his power for, and the implications of his evil actions earlier in the plot.

He is again, given a white color scheme, much more pure this time around. His symbol is the Falcon(Hawk) of light, meanwhile, Guts dons the black beast as his symbol with a black set of armor for his colour scheme. Both representations of their characters after the events of the Resurrection.

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>no one saying happy bday to Freyja
anon-kun.. i'm disappointed with all of you..
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Who are you quoting?
/a/ sings Ikenai Borderline when?

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They released a new OVA for the show today.


Hopefully we will get a torrent soon.
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Oh, nice. I had forgotten this was getting an OVA. Thanks for reminding me.

I hope it doesn't become another gdgd fairies movie though.
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Keeping this thread alive. Hopefully someone cares enough to sub it
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most underrated anime of the '10s

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the Indians blew a 3-1 lead in the World Series
Today is a great day.
Things that have happened since the Cubs last won the World Series:

-Thousands of 'Indians blow 3-1 lead' posts

In Death Note, when Light says that he has 50 prisoners saved for later, he never really explains what he means. The story quickly waves this off and keeps going, yet several episodes later Light relies heavily on these prisoners to get Raye Penber to ignore him and head for his other mark. This in itself is a big problem. So Light just had all 50 of these people's names and faces memorized? That's believable, but what made them more particular than the 46 prisoners he had already killed only weeks before every hour on the hour to taunt L? The story never explain this, and furthermore, the concept of non-designated limits to the time-span Light can kill is only delved into about 5 episodes later in the anime, and even then, Ryuk says he doesn't know for sure if the Death Note has a limit to a date designated.

Was this a fault of the anime?

I also have a problem with what happened after. Raye Penber took the bait and stops suspecting Light, which meant the other FBI would have been busy chasing gooses and eventually lost faith in L's deductive talents. Instead of letting this happen, the dumbass decides to kill them all through Raye Penber, which of course leads his wife to the precinct, who worked with L, whose name reaches L, which causes L to suspect Light in the first place. All this was predicated on Light killing those agents against his own interests.

Was there a better way the author could have written this?
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he was beaten by a child
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>especially on something you apparently love enough to consider it a favorite
Fucking wow.
Not really a plot-hole, per say, but a plot detail I have an issue with.

No-one in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe who wears automail should have the ability to perform alchemy. When you have an artificial arm, it creates an incomplete, unnatural circle which should prevent you from transmuting things.

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I'd eternal lie.jpg
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You get to kill her in Bloodborne.

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Who is best and why is it Aigis? Prove me wrong.
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Please do not post my wife de arimasu
>no real boobs
>no pussy
>no ass
Good taste, OP.

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Hamburger best dad
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What anime had the biggest drop in quality between its first and second halves?
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Death Note.
Code Geass
>pic unrelated

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The russians scans are out and while i dont get shit i wanted to share that apparently some silent hill tier moon guy just appeared so i assume shit is about to go down.

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>houseki no kuni thread
>ofc it's some retard posting spoilers right from the start
>no more english scans since 7 ch
Fuck off
my my, you are actually in the right, i just got excited

eng scans will come eventually tho, so relax
I love the series but every fucking thread has the following
>unspoilered spoilers of chapters not yet scanlated in english
>wondering why people don't post in HnK threads
and I'm guessing you are one of the culprits. Thanks, I always avoid threads bc of you people.

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