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how do fix the fan service problem
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We normalize the naked human body.
>how do fix the fan service problem
It's simple. We kill the otaku.
We normalize public anal.

Just watched season 1. Is season 2 really that bad as everyone said? It can't be that bad.
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It's not that bad, but the part that focused on the jealous chuuni shinobi girl were dragging on.
Others claim that the parts of the scrubs was too long.

Anyway, I consider the Kanami-part too short. Definitely needed more Cowabunga-frog and meido-bot.
The kids get an arc for their LN and it's dragged out to be twice as long as the others for god knows why. Everything else is on par with season 1 stuff
I thought everyone likes Akatsuki

Are the novels very different from the show? I want to try the LN.

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She isn't respecting you at all, anon. Just what went wrong?
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I didn't show this German sausage my manliness when we met since I am Shinji, the mentally abused bitch
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the killer.jpg
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She's just like all the others.
God, I love sassy bitches. Makes me want to fuck them so hard, they would find it hard to not be honest about how they're enjoying this rough fucking.

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This is a direct affront to Yotsuba. How do we stop the chink conman?
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Yotsuba isn't dubs girl.
Swaglord did it, not Hiro.
How can an irrelevant mod from an almost even more irrelevant board do that?

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I really like nichijou but I don't think buying a blowray will enhance my enjoyment of rewatching it or more importantly bring about S3
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Fucking FINALLY.

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Where are my peeps at?
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I said, where are my fucking peeps?
Here's your fucking (You), now go eat a bag of dicks.
Scanlation threads are for (You)s apparently.

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Damn I miss the Friday night Gate threads.
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I don't.
I miss Rorys legs.
Rory a best

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>reading manga
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I intend to do that, yes.
Nobody actually reads manga
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>starting threads on /a/

New ep tomorrow featuring more of best girl SARAI
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That eye is the satellite's eye.
They are already inside GAIA.
Why does titty monster has some kind of lazer weapon that isn't just a toy?

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How did the Light Novel end for this?
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Oh I'm rewatching this right now.
We won't ever get more right?
I should rewatch this too someday. But I'm afraid I might not like it as much as I did before
So far I'm enjoying it like back then.
The ED makes me really nostalgic tho

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Black > Purple >> White > Yellow > Brown >>> Red > Blue >>> Pink > Orange >>>>>>>>>>>Green
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I got a college degree in arts, and this is objectively wrong
Blue > *

Yellow > everything

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>take a generic fantasy LN/manga/anime
>inject rape into it
>insert favorite fetish/power fantasy

Y u all do this?
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>fantasy + dark shit = dark fantasy


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>tfw the rape is fake
>yfw the rape is real
You spelled it out yourself, it has their favorite fetish in it.

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1 day to go. Post anime related Halloween strips
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How much value do you put into character interaction?

What anime does it best?
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Mono. Please don't yell at me, I like KyoAni and SHAFT.
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>How much value do you put into character interaction?
Its pretty much the leading factor in anime I enjoy
>What anime does it best?
In fact, Yamada is the absolute best director when it comes to character interactions. With Reiko on board as scriptwriter, its going to be a masterpiece.

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Kaoru 33.jpg
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Why did they make fun of her? I don't get it why Yahiko and Megumi called her ugly.
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Yahiko is a kid just talking shit and Megumi is a rival for Kenshin. I love Kaoru more and more every rewatch. My first time through I thought the pirate girl was best girl and after that Misao. Now I understand Kenshin's feelings better.
I just watched the pirate episode and Shura was a great character indeed.
Stop watching at the end of the Shishio arc. I'm a big Kenshin fan, trust me. If you really want more content after that read the manga.

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