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Funi licensed nichijou and is gonna release an american blu-ray/dvd.

Normally I'd be disgusted, but apparently they aren't going to dub it, which is a good thing.
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Does Nichijou even need a BR? I mean, it's not like it's some technical animation masterpiece.
Unless someone really wants to see the principal suplex the deer in high definition.
Hi-def hasn't been a primary selling point of blu-ray since the ps3 was released. It's just a video format now.
>Normally I'd be disgusted, but they aren't doing an optional thing I dislike so it's ok

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Gentlemen, I like war. No, I love war. The thrill of men gambling their lives to achieve something of a cause makes my blood boil in excitement. The symphony of gunshots, bombs exploding, the battle cries of men who lay down their lives on the battlefield is like an orchestra within an opera. Gentlemen, I love war. And so, I declare war. That is why we must post some warfare right here, right now.
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>what I read
marginal operation
>what I expected
GATE, because of the elf on the cover
>what I got
joseph kony with a god complex
Manly men risking their lives on the battlefield is alot better than having deus ex machina with yuri crap like what airing at the moment.
KNS is really damn good, hope the author and artist come back to it one day. Or just the artist, no idea how it was worked around.

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If Mio gets a boyfriend, will Ritsu get jealous and try to break them up? It's pretty disturbing how she won't let her have another "best friend" and got her way at the end of this episode.
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Yeah. But if Ritsu gets a boyfriend and Mio get a boyfriend at the same time, they'll drift apart. If Ritsu gets a bf, Mio will be moody like Ritsu was but Ritsu won't really get it, and so they'll drift apart.

The obvious solution is for Mio to date Ritsu.
It's hard to say as Mio is now married to Ritsu, we'll never know what would of happened if they both weren't starcrossed lovers.
That's lliterally the opposite of what star-crossed lovers means

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Has there been any anime songs able to surpass the sheer quality of this song?

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I unironically like this one.


Ch 80 out
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Can't find it.

Do we get more Vampire?
Vampire a shit. I hope she gets sink.
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No, Vampire a qt

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The pic when anime girls visit to your room
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>Cool room onii-chan
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the only anime stuff in my room, is a fig of Perfect Cell. he is guarding the F40.

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What was /a/'s reaction to plastic memories?
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Wondered why they couldn't just back her up to a zip disk.
Not this fucking thread again.
It had a good first episode but after that it was very okaysh.
>That psycho pass episode

Weekend dancing thread! And come joins us and listen to the hottest anisong and edm mixes around. Link is in the pastebin http://pastebin.com/TjYLtcpi
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angel exercise.gif
3MB, 480x270px

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Mugi could if you know what I mean
Black sperm is OP as shit. Imagine him having more than 100 trillion cells.
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black sperm.jpg
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black sperm best gril

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Heaven's lost Property thread
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ikaros us bwat grill.png
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I fucking hated how the final movie didn't show the final chapters, what kind of shit is that, regardless this will be remembered as one of the best harems ever, also posting best girl
Now ikaros is a creppy paste but a shit creppy paste
File: Waifu of the De-De Death!.png (321KB, 360x600px)Image search: [Google]
Waifu of the De-De Death!.png
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Waifu of the death

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Just noticed this on Netflix, heard of it but never bothered. Is it worth sitting through 95 episodes? It's nearly twenty years old, how does it hold up?
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Fuck off, normalfag.
Sage and report.
The girl dies
It's a good series

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Isn't Raildex just a bad copy of My Hero Academia?
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Is this just a poor man's attempt at bait?
They are all copies of evangelion.
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The best post all night.

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Rem: I love you, Subaru.

Subaru: I love Emilia.

I want to punch this aho in his aho face.
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But Rem won though
You'd rather he lead her on without giving a definitive answer and eventually break her heart later on after giving her false hope?
>let's run away together rem, i love you
>no subaru, you must stay and fight for emilia
>okay rem, you're right. i love emilia

What did you expect to happen? She shot him down first. She also murdered him, that's a huge turn off.

Why is this anime so god damn awesome?
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Is Detective Conan mandatory to get into this show?
No but it's helps make sense cause Jimmy pops in to solve 2 different crimes.
And technically, Magic Kaito, Conan and Lupin are all the same universe. TFW No tripple cross over D:

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Confession 1
Confession 2
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>dat Asmodeus
This is still a thing?!

My god, I'm actually happy.
So when does this air?

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