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Remember when you hgggnnned, /a/?
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Guess not
You don't want it.

ITT: Good anime
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whatever Lain could be
wherever Lain stood we
anticipated the code
information road we rode
so join us immediately
not your favorites

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Is it nostalgia or is anime dub from 10 years ago way better and higher quality than the shit coming out these days?
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Somehow, dubs have actually gotten worse in recent years.
What do they say in the Japanese version?

Hello friends. Can we get a nice 3x3 thread going?
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Touche. Ok how we drop the 'nice' part
how about*

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Let us talk about LotGH and post funny quotes

I'm currently watching it for the 3rd time, but this time I'm skipping all the earth cult shit
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the only remotely funny thing about LOGH was that stupidly anticlimatic death you know whch one
Chicken meat?
Which one? All the fucking deaths were anti-climaxes. The only major deaths that weren't were Lutz' and Bewcock's.

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What do they mean by saying she's country grown?
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Her father is a melon farmer.

They have consuming their homegrown melons for generations.
She's fat.
fruity oranges of course. dont you know japanese oranges, those thicc, juicy and healthy things?

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post favorite characters, themes and fights
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my favorte theme is planetman's
read what's translated of the new run, Black Hole's fight with Dalmatianman was pretty great.

But my favorite character is Sunshine, can't wait for him to show up again.
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warsman drinking.gif
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i decide last week te re-read the whole manga and i'm already 100 chapter in aka the arc that introduces my favorite justice chojin

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mfw nobody reads old manga anymore
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I saw someone reading a manga in the library today???¿?
mfw nobody reads OPs anymore
not enough golgo translated

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And why was Jeanne such a cutie?
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Dancing fools.webm
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We liked it, but it started sputtering in the back half.
Now we're all just waiting for Virgin Soul.
It was great for what it was. If you started the show for a fast paced, fun, campy action adventure then this show delivered. But if you wanted a serious, well thought out plot with complex characters then I can see why you'd be disappointed.
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Honestly, they should have just stayed on the monster of the week formula for longer. It was better than the Hellheim plot that we ended up with.

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>hardly picked up anything this season
>only watching shorts
>haven't even been watching the shorts every week
Why is this season so shit?
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You want recommendations? Go watch Hibikek. It has girly drama. You and your ilk love girly drama.
I don't want recommendations, I'm asking why this season is so shitty compared to even a few years ago. There are no shows everyone's watching, each just have their own little generals on the day they air and throughout the week.
>I'm asking why this season is so shitty compared to even a few years ago.
This season is better than the last 7 seasons have been.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

51 days!

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No more Christmas please
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And what will you be doing on Christmas OP? this perhaps?


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>Sluts: the manga is getting a show

Animeonlyfags are going to make assblasted threads all day long
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Secondary here, is there something that could be justified in this manga?
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>Mugi and Hanabi are still supporting each other
Did not expect this
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Its certainly not aimed at /a/

How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot. I'm a Shaftfag.
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not this meme again.

shit thread inbound.

The actions ,movements and emotional directions of the characters, as close to reality they are as pleasing it is to watch. That said harem shows mostly does it bad. Apart from re:zero it was much closer to reality.

Which team are you in, /a/?
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Nattsun's, obviously.

Team Candyshop

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Should I read Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re ?
People are always complaining it's retarded when I check threads from time to time.
I'm currently up to date with Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail,Black Clover and I don't like a single thing about these series.
I'm saying this as a point of reference so people that are familiar with these can guide me. My opinion is subjective.And no these are not the only manga I follow at the moment, they just seem in the same vein.
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Yeah, memes aside, both are bretty gud.
Don't listen to the faggots on the weekly threads.

I mean, I get where some people were coming from. The past arc was perhaps the longest and most action heavy arc in the manga, with almost every character doing something, so on a weekly basis it was pretty much a chore to read, because the developments were either too slow or too fast, chapter after chapter, and there was no time to cool down, as practically two arcs were running simultaneously.

If you read it in one go it should be alright. The author was aiming for a restructuration (if that's the correct word) of the character motives and alliances so he surely took his time.

Go for it.
you'll like it if you think the uchiha clan is the coolest thing ever
Tbh the last arc was still pretty bad in terms of pacing, weekly releases or not. Otherwise I think re: has been fine.

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