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A real hero. A real human being.

I'm quite surprised at how great Nishioka turned out to be.
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Does Kamiya ever voice bad characters though? He always ends up being best boy.
Not that you mention it. I can't think of anything off the bat.
As soon as I saw your reply I remembered that I was wrong.
He voiced Shinji. Definitely not best boy, as a matter of fact. He voiced the worst character in that series.

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Yui is _____.
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A sin
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yui is porn.png
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A magnet for cancer.

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What does that mean exactly?
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It means this
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Really, I thought it meant this.

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>giant robot gets hit
>pilot acts like he's the one in pain

Why they do this?
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it's not rare they invent some neuro/psycho/whatever link that connects the mecha with the pilot for better synchro and shit

I can't explain why shouting louder makes energy beams more powerful, though
Getting hit by another giant robot should be enough to give you a concussion anyways.
>paint a robot red
>suddenly it's 3x faster

Gundam logic.

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Hifumi a SHIT
Hifumi a shit.
Hifumi a shit

Why is this allowed?
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I don't know what the fuck are they doing with AA
I've never seen Crunchy have this issue before, they are probably being given shit source footage.

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Explain the appeal of glasses girls.
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moe and often assosciated with either intelligence, clumsiness, or meekness
Glasses are magic.
Depending on the girl, it gives them a stricter or sexier edge too.
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I really like Josuke as a character, but, why are the most entertaining/cool fights about Koichi or Rohan? Isn't this guy the protagonist? He always kinda just comes in to DORARARA the shit out of someone at the end of a fight.

There will be at least be a climatic and exciting 1v1 with Josuke fighting Kira, right? Right?
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In case you actually haven't read the manga, Koichi and Rohan are interesting because they aren't completely combat-oriented. However, Josuke and Kira will certainly have an engaging 2v3.
Oh, right. Forgot to mention I'm an animefag.
Also fuck
don't worry, DiU final battle is, imo, the best in the entire series

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If you think about it, Isekai is the only genre that hasn't produced even a single worthwile anime.
Should we conclude that Isekai is an objectively inferior genre, and ontologically flawed?
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>he didn't watch Escaflowne
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I started this show because of all the flack for it, I'm 12 episode in when does this actually get bad?

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These are your allies against the horde of eldritch abominations tonight.
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You mean the /pol/fags?
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When will people learn that /pol/ doesn't ruin threads. /pol/baiters do.
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Just a question but would baseform Garou be able to take on these two?

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Have you seen my panties?
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die heretic.gif
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Like you were wearing any to begin with.

Go back to whence you came, half-blood scum.
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Was anyone else tearing up at this episode?
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Papika is a dog.

-Smells everything to try to understand it.
-Her name is literally Puppy-ka
-Episode 2, 4:00, Sad when Cocona tries to leave, Grabs her. Lets go of her when Cocona commands her to let go. This can also be seen at 9:10, "Don't hold him by the ears", which she obeys immediately.
-Episode 2, Thinks of Uexkull as food, hypnotized by it. Uexkull is afraid of her even in man-form.
-Episode 2, Never understands why people are angry at her.
-Episode 4, Her house is something a dog would use for a dog house. Brings inside all the random shit she found on the beach.
-Episode 4, "Is it edible?" "I'm eating it". Everything is edible when you're a dog.

And now this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XDWVjJ0TQQ
Man, this episode was trippy
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What happened in this episode. I haven't watched it yet?

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Show me your ahegao face /a/
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Delete this
Cropped porn is the Devil's work.

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E7:AO is great and is much better than E7
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Please explain.
ITT: Opinions no one holds.
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Like you could say that with a straight face.

Hey /a/, your wish came true.
Are you happy?
>Tanya Degurechaff (CV: Aoi Yuuki)
>Ending Theme 「Los! Los! Los!」is also sang by Aoi

So, even in a worst case scenario regarding the quality of the adaptation we at least have Aoi's performance to look forward to.
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>Aoi Yuuki
Wow that was really fucking obvious
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>CV: Aoi Yuuki
>Aoi Yuuki

Good. She's perfect for crazy bad girls.

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