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baki vs yujiro.jpg
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Why do people dislike this fight? Maybe it has to do with me marathoning it rather than waiting for releases, but I thought it was hype as fuck all the way through.
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The fight itself was great.

I can see people disliking the tea party, though. Also, it's kind of an anti-climax when Yujiro wins the fight but gives the title of Strongest Creature to Baki. And by anti-climax, I mean in regards to the entire series.
I thought it was a reasonable outcome given that they made a point Baki wasn't fighting for revenge or anything, and how outclassed he was from the start.
Baki won in a spiritual/mental sense but everyone elevates him as the strongest even thou there are many people who can beat his ass.

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Listening too much to the fanbase? Executive meddling? Simple exhaustion?

Also, how do I fill the hole he's left in my heart?
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What touch? the guy has been making the same arc over and over again.
his touch is fine

it seemed like he lost it during the strawhat reunion and FI arcs but towards the end of punk hazard, the majority of dressrosa, zou and the current arc he's doing great

you just gotta realize the story isn't completely about adventure like skypeia or other arcs were, the strawhats have made a name for themselves and are big fish in a big sea rather than small fish in a small pond
it's very difficult if not impossible to stay creative when you write the same story for 20 fucking years

alternatively it's also very difficult if not impossible to stay as invested and passionate as a fan when you follow the same story for 20 fucking years

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shit taste.png
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How do you tell when someone has shit taste?
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When they watch any form of shonenshit at all
If its not exactly the same as my taste
If they ain't me

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This is your date for tonight
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What's that going to entail?
Watching her and the blonde one go at each other while I eat sandwiches in my underpants and watch?

Sure, that's fine.
Why am I Sonya?
As long as she introduces her self in a different language every day

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Omorai-kun Chapter 1
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I'll be dumping it soon.
Oh thanks.
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Whats your favorite Naruto character? Mine, sasuke. Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.
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Zabuza was the only character in the entire show that made any sense. He had a nice character arc that didn't last like 600 episodes.
Sasuke too.
sasuke because he reminds me of myself

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Great thread.
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You can't love her because I already love her
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Farnese Deus Vult.png
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Let's fight.

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Shinki Claus.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

42 days!

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>42 days.
I need to hurry with my cards.
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Is it Christmas yet?

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This is your lesbian date to the pool
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>pool episode
>yukata episode
>summer camp episode
>beach episode
>school festuival episode
>all of them in a row
Such a nice story we have here.
No way Reina's tiddies were that big in S1.
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Reina is stacked, anon.

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Tumbling down...
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Hello my fellow incestuous ant.
>tfw episode 134 is Edo vs. Barrett
Have you heard about the new Yu-Gi-Oh GX live action movie? It's gonna have either Johnny Depp either Adam Lambert as Professor Chronos (of course, I'm just kidding) .

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>character literally dodges every bullet shot at them
>can't dodge a kick or punch
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>best girl wins but there are dozens of threads on /a/ by people with bad taste complaining that worst girl lost
HUEG layzor cannon on a truck or some shit.
Can't even scratch a Mobile Suit™
Another Mobile Suit picks it up.
Can now blast them away with it.
>Character confess to MC
>Loud sound
>What did you said?

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>when anime delivers shit ending
>when manga delivers shittier ending

What's his name again?
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SSJGSSJ Genki Dama Spirit Sword Trunksu
Toranku Sue.
Kazuto Kirigaya

Is Bach autistic?
Will Beethoven-senpai ever notice Schubert?
Who is best boy and why is it Chopin?
Why didn't they mix all of the MUSIK themes?
What is a ClassicaLoid?
What is Kyougos end goal?
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What a weird show.
I want to like this show, but it's been really weak. Like the director is just wasting episodes on nothing.
She didn't even hug her properly.

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Why do most anime characters not have any lips ? Does anyone else think it makes them look weird ?
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It usually looks weird when they do have lips.
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Lips are hard to animate properly.
File: 1477878015756.jpg (115KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This. And most believe that thin lips help in making a good character look more innocent

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