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Come back inside Asuka, I don't have enough hands to service everyone
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Which Hibike would you take to the school festival?
Please don't bully the buchou, she charges extra for that



>I write an outline of the entire plot, then the script writers break it up into episodes, expanding on things, changing things around, or adding in new bits as need be.

>Even I haven’t checked the final script yet.
>Let’s enjoy this together (laughs)!!


>I had put Dragon Ball behind me, but seeing how much that live-action film ticked me off, and how I revised that script for the anime movie and complained about the quality of the TV anime, I suppose somewhere along the line it’s become a series I like too much to ever leave alone.



>Speaking of the manga, I want to ask you two about how you put the manga together. I hear Toriyama-sensei checks the storyboards for each chapter.
>Toriyama: That’s right.

>Back when Toriyama-sensei was drawing the manga, the animators would use his manga panels as reference, imitating the composition and things like that. And now it seems that the animators are likewise using Toyotaro-sensei‘s manga as reference.
>Toriyama: Oh, that’s good! That should keep them on track!


>Every month, I'll create a storyboard for him to review, and then he'll give me input and suggest changes. When I'm working with Toriyama, there are many portions he gives me props for coming up with, but he is very particular about other things and always points them out for me to correct. And when he corrects me, I think “Wow, I guess I don't completely understand the way he looks at things,” so his corrections and feedback are incredibly accurate and helpful. It's a lot of fun to be able to get closer to his way of thinking
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first post for ramen
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>I’m really grateful to you. I never thought an artist like you would come along to draw the continuation of my story!

New episode in 18 hours. Looks like we're gonna get some more clues about art club senpai.
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Best girl episode incoming.
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How much flap can a flip flap flip if a flip flap could flip flaps?

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The girls from Akuma Bruno Oshigoto. Speaking of which, who made that?
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she tamed the lizard from spiderman with her pussy

Is the order an oboe?
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>Kumiko tries to escape family drama
>runs into more drama
It's tuff to be fluff
Superb soundtrack this episode, holy shit.
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Everyone's favorite zapper got her brain cooked. Press F to pay your respects.
>>146007696 GcUkb19e
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Wait what? Magic fucked her up or something?
Good job


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THE ONE and only.jpg
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>The Goku Black component of Merged Zamasu may prove his weakness.
>Trunks will get a chance to shine in the finale too.
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>Standard explanation of Vegetto, but he's got some new weakness now.

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post egyptian godesses
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I want to be the farm breeding stud!
I have no Egyptian Goddesses
I have Tio though!
>you will never mating dance with Tito, moving back and forth while you hold hands

Look at me.

I'm the nakama now.
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Pudding a shit. A ugly SHIT.
Ugliest princess in the series by FAR.
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kill yourself retard

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Slow sinks, more lovely ere his race be run,
Along Morea’s hills the setting sun;
Not, as in northern climes, obscurely bright,
But one unclouded blaze of living light;
O’er the hush’d deep the yellow beam he throws,
Gilds the green wave that trembles as it glows;
On old Aegina’s rock and Hydra’s isle
The god of gladness shed his parting smile’
O’er his own regions lingering loves to shine,
Though there his altars are no more divine.
Descending fast, the mountain-shadows kiss
Thy glorious gulf, unconquer’d Salamis!
Their azure arches through the long expanse
More deeply purpled, meet his mellowing glance,
And tenderest tints, along their summits driven,
Mark his gay course, and own the hues of heaven;
Till darkly shaded from the land and deep,
Behind his Delphian rock he sinks to /ai/ - Idle Activities.
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>it's okay to slap an infant
End your life.
I was promised Shin, Louis and Alexander. Now to wait for them.
She was challenging the baby to a duel. It's an established gesture. This is basic interpersonal relationship stuff.
That's not a very good-looking shot, but it doesn't look SD. Anibin says 720p.

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Is hunter x hunter the greatest anime ever created?

Protip: it is
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No it is not, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is better and Fullmetal Alchemist is better than all of them combined.
I've watched all 3. Hunter x hunter still wins.
no it doesn't (last word)

read the meme ! http://buyfags.moe
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>literal dolls
fucking /pol/ killed 4chan
What's with all these doll threads lately?

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evil jonathan.jpg
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Jojo thread alt worlds edition
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>/pol/ shit in the very first post
Jojo is the new Naruto.
What would evil gappy do?
>Evil Jonathan casually murders people who even slightly offend him, determined to defend and enforce his reputation as a gentleman
>Evil Joseph is a reckless, cruel asshole who doesn't care who or how many he fucks over just for kicks
>Evil Jotaro is a silent and merciless monster whose motives and thoughts are a mystery
>Evil Josuke is a generally-amiable guy who kills people who insult his hair
>Evil Giorno is a relentlessly ambitious child who'll stop at nothing in his quest for power
>Evil Jolyne is a severely traumatized basket-case who'll do anything for the people she cares about, and will mercilessly fuck up anyone who wrongs her
This actually sounds like it could be cool.

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Spoilers soon.
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When will you idiots learn. 25 hours isn't soon.
Going to be interesting to see how he handles the Toga part.

Multiple avenues open up now on what Hori could do.
Shokugeki spoilers are already out.

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Eat a burger for Kay today, would you?
Speaking of, what toppings do you think each Saunders' girl would like the most!

Remember to deport and ignore bullies.
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Make Senshado Great Again!
Kay please save us and be our president.
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Éclair is cute and she is also my wife!

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