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ITT: Anime that improved the manga
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is this supposed to be jojo and kakyoin's yaoi son?
Its a leaked character sheet for the final episode of DU
Are you for real?

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>Aoi Yuki playing Tanya
>Myth&Roid doing the OP

If it wasn't for the horrific art, I would say this was a contender for AOTS.

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>Aoi Yuuki
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Chapter 5 translations never. Somebody please pick this up...
Is avoiding announcing the studio going to be a new trend?

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This is an extremely drowsy vampire. You'll buy her BD so that she can get a good day's sleep, right?
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High res version of OP's image when?
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why is this a thing

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What did /a/ think of the first Ghost in the Shell (1995)? Is it really a masterpiece?
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I watched it again earlier today, it's a great film for sure.

It's good but SAC was still better. I don't blame the movie though as there's only so much shit you can cram into a few hours
The movie was dense yet extremely concise, what did you think was sacrificed due to its length?

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Who does she like?
I like the idea of Ishigami, but something tells me it's the President.
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She likes ___Me___.
But I like her!
Are you me?

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>it's an anime that is a blatant wish fulfillment waifubait story
>/a/ hates it and calls it cancer
>it's an anime that tries to be 2deep4u and shits on people who likes the anime mention above
>/a/ considers it a masterpiece
Really made me wonder for a moment.
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>/a/ hates one thing and likes the opposite
What I'm trying to say is that /a/ doesn't really like watching anime. The wish fulfillment anime is exactly what every Otaku in Japan and weebs all arounds the world would expect from anime. /a/ only likes the deconstruction because it makes them feel superior to the people that like said anime. See Re: zero and Eva for proof of this.
you're an idiot

ITT: Post the best fight of its respective series.
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zoro pwnt.jpg
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File: Akame ga Kill -.png (455KB, 1104x1600px)Image search: [Google]
Akame ga Kill -.png
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File: Akame ga Kill.png (1MB, 1954x1400px)Image search: [Google]
Akame ga Kill.png
1MB, 1954x1400px

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What are the chances of Revy being a lesbian?
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Well, she mentioned she became a master carpet muncher back in prison
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>Revy will never dominate you
why, why
File: revy paper paizuri message.png (3MB, 1920x2133px)Image search: [Google]
revy paper paizuri message.png
3MB, 1920x2133px

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was I supposed to understand what was happening during this thing? because I sure as hell didn't.
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If you don't have ADHD and can pay attention during the movie then it's not that hard to understand.
and you had to have been paying pretty close attention to the TV anime too
>Homura does nothing wrong
>Kyouko is no longer homeless
>Sayaka is less of a bitch
>Madoka is a happy girl with friends
>Mami is a lolicon
>Nagisa lives off Mami cheese
Something like that

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Hey /a/, open wide!
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My vulva is so sexy.
What does lesbian sex feel like?
am i going to suck on her foot?

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Who can beat him
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Kumagawa's certainly the better character,though.
Literally everyone
File: hero.png (4MB, 1419x3234px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 1419x3234px

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>Yajirobe being able to do anything when Vegeta is like 1000 times stronger

Why is Yajirobe such a fucking Mary Sue?
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The tail is 1000 times weaker than the rest of the body.
You missed the joke.

OP is referring to a discussion about the possibility of Trunks assisting Vegito in taking down Merged Zamasu. Someone cried (probably an undercover Gogeta fag) that if Trunks assists Vegito, Trunks is a marysue.

To which I replied that Yajirobe must be a mary-sue for being instrumental in the defeat of Vegeta.

I personally hope that the fight against Zamasu ends up in an absolutely insane chaotic fight, like the one against Vegeta. Hell, let Shin do something again, it's been a while since we've seen Shin fight.

>beerus would go absolute apeshit if he heard shin took part in the battle against merged zamasu
If your guard is down in DBZ you're fucked

>Goku taken down by a laser gun
>Black shitting his pants as Mai barely misses shooting his head off

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Persona 3.jpg
242KB, 1280x1024px
This is the most overrated series on PS2, why the fuck is this garbage consistently in people's top 5 ps2 games?
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Same reason Chrono Trigger and some of the Final Fantasies are - when it came out, it was revolutionary. P3 did a lot that few or no other JRPGs were doing and combined them all into one game. The characters were well developed and felt "real", so much so that a lot of people just didn't like some of them (Yukari and Junpei, specifically). P4 took that realistic unlikeability away and went more anime, but polished the other aspects of the game into a golden sheen.
what the fuck this isn't /v/ sage

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This page was a punch to the gut.
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That's what happens when you self-insert too much.
>lost his waifu for that nose

Damn, being Kurosawa is suffering.
File: mr steal yo girl.jpg (71KB, 700x1029px)Image search: [Google]
mr steal yo girl.jpg
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Heh. Sup, Kurosawa?

File: BonFire Neet.png (791KB, 721x511px)Image search: [Google]
BonFire Neet.png
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Damn, why doesn't /a/ ever talk about this amazing series?

It's a doujinshi, but so much better than most series out there.

Great character development and action sequences.

Also, it's set in the Dragon Quest universe.

It deserves far more love than it gets.
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/a/ barely talks about any manga.
Translated? If yes I'll take a look.

Just google the title. Still going, though

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