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Is he wrong?
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You already can love whoever you want. You just cannot take advantage of underage children.
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I really hope he will actually win in the end

He's the hero Gundam IBO need
/our guy/

>AD 2016
>he hasn't accepted jesus christ as his lord and savior
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But I'm jewish.
is this the greatest dub in anime history?
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I'm a hindu mate, I can do what I want.

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Is the rest of Jojo worth watching? I've watched Phantom blood and Battle tendency and liked both of them
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If you liked it just go watch the rest. (Although you might wanna read part 3, the anime has horrible pacing.)
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Yes. The series gets progressively better.
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>skipping parts

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WHEN THE FUCK ARE WE GETTING OFF NAMEK? I just want to go back to shitty sexual innuendos and people peeing on each other
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Check current volume reviews on Amazon jp. They hate the never ending sports arc. I dropped it because of it too.
This whole arc isn't all bad, the Hana chapters were good. Then this part started and its taking 3 chapters to do one motion
Are you really that blind due to your "Namek" hate? This is the last arc, they are tying up all loose ends and even some that weren't even a question. They develop all the main and side characters in this arc to their conclusion. There will only be a handful of epilogue chapters and that's it

He did nothing wrong
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Real talk though, what DID he do wrong other than sticking his dick in crazy?

P.S. Yuki's a cunt
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Nothing really. Ikumi went full crazy though. CanĀ“t really blame him with all that suffering and his girlfriend going yandere though.
is it worth watching? (considering the crappy seaosn I was thinking of watching some old school shit)

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Is she still the Queen of Smug?
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Not after she got raped.
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God yes

Also queen of best

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What was the deep symbolism that Miura was attempting to insert with this character?
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Mediaval times were hard. But so was this guy.
Never believe in people with name Gambino.
Just another plot device so while Guts feels like shit for killing Gambino, the reader says 'fuck, he deserved that' and likes Guts even more.

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This is a werewolf.
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This is a awooowolf
Wolfs do that when they want dick too.
That's kinda hot!

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When's Season 3? I want to see my cute wife in college and her Austrian slave taking her place in high school.
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Who cloned Mugi without the eyebrows?
the college manga is shit to the point that even kyoani magic cant save it

How so? I haven't read it.

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>there are still people on /a/ that have not watched AOTY 2011
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Also dat OP

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Good times. Fun threads. Hadena in full effect.

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Haruhi is back!!!
That's what I dreamt yesterday
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It's dead anon.
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She's not here.
This isn't happening.

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How did they get away with this?
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How do we know they did? Were you reading metamanga weekly in 2006?
IKR the mangaka should have done his research and made him disguise as a white boy school shooter.
That's a pretty good make-up artist.

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I want to get into the series but I don't know where to start
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>I want to get into the series but I don't know where to start

Are you fucking brain damaged? Watch the first season of the 2
I was expecting something like "avoid the anime, just read the manga"
avoid the manga, watch the anime

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Which show is more popular on /a/, Code Geass or Evangelion?
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code geass

Neither, It's monmusu

Here's your preSento. Don't open until christmas~
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Then why are you giving it to me right now?

I prefer your slutty body anyway so undress already
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It wasn't for you
Did it come with a gift receipt?

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