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Who else in anime purgatory here?

I desperately want something new to watch but nothing is interesting me and I've rewatched most of my favourite series too recently to be engaged by them again.
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Sounds like you just have to try out more stuff, or get a better feel on how to pick shows you'd like.
>Sounds like you just have to try out more stuff
Well, yeah that's how it works. But there is no predetermined amount of time for it to work.
Blogging goes on >>>/soc/ I assume
Asking for anime to watch goes on >>>/wsr/

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I'll protect you OP
member season 2 animation?
cos you will soon
I just want animated prisoner arc during my lifetime. It's all I'm asking.

>NTR'ed by a black man



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I want to get headpat too.
It's not NTR.
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>forgetting Guts got NTR'd by a black man

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When does Berserk get bad?
I want to read the good parts before it goes to shit.
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Rather late. When Guts goes to fish island and Miuna wasted the whole arc with Guts doing nothing but killing fodder then following that arc with a goddamn pointless flashback one.
Kentaro has a life and wasn't earning much money. Now with the anime and game, thing may change
>implying it gets good

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Here's proof. Kaji is sitting in front of the city in both states.
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what did you mean by this?
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The city makes no sense in Evangelion. When Shinji arrives to the underground in episode one, he rides a cable car past a city hanging upside down, above the nerv pyramid. But he was just in the city above, and it was raised up because the Angel was attacking.

A similar thing occurs with the drill angel, who literally drills through the city and the drill comes out in another city.

That means that there is a perpetual hanging city, for some reason.
The city never retract completely, it is showed in episode 2 that only the bigger building goes under the floor

Why are there so few anime characters suffering from actual HIV/AIDS? Whenever you see a character with a terminal illness it's a made up one.
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Because a made up illness can fit the demands of the plot more easily.

Aids is outdated man. Beside its to boring. I mean I would rather watch anime with made up illness/virus that makes people orgasm constantly or turns them into monsters or even gives them superpowers than someone battling with HIV/Aids treatments. Sure it would make a somewhat decent drama, but it would be too bland and happy ending would be the patient surviving.

But if they made a anime with Breaking Bad plot where the MC diagnosed with cancer goes nuts and makes the world his oyster, breaking rules and becomes a crimal then ends up beating cancer and goes to jail. That be fun.
Because Japanese people have a) good healthcare and b) very little sex.
Aids is too unrealistic for anime.

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Alright everyone, who is the best waifu ever and why?
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The best waifu ever is that waifu who resides in Anon's heart.
pls go

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These are my maids Mahoro and Minawa-chan. They are sisters.

Say something nice about them.
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I feel like I've seen them before.
They got big heads man.
they've got great curves

Asuka, how are you not older?
>it's the curse of the evas
what did she mean by this?
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Watch 3.3+1.1 and find out, you faggot.
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Curse of the Evangelion is a meta-joke about how she's a cartoon character who will never age.

Anyway, it's likely that Shinji did something besides third impact to get everyone all pissed. Oh and besides Asuka thinking it was Shinji who crushed her in the tube, not Gendo.

Probably that will be revealed in the next. It almost seems like there's enough clues for me to figure it out.

-Shinji's on the moon for some reason
-Kaworu calls Gendo dad
-Everyone hates Shinji
-They are concerned that Shinji could be a fake. Why? Was there another Shinji?
thanks professor asuka!

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Why did she have to lose?
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Because Rain is the superior waifu.
What series?

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she sees your dick
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thanks senpai
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thanks doc

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Post anime that are in your backlog, which you'll eventually get around to.
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Error: Comment too long (5560/2000).
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One day. Eventually. Maybe
Endless eight (5)
Endless eight (6)
Endless eight (7)

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Can we have a thread about figures of Fate? I particularly love this Alter Saber that hopefully is getting released in December.
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Weird how these threads get no replies

Its like nobody cares about figures or that they always should've been discussed in >>>/toy/
I don't know. What's it about?
People are too busy shitposting in the drawfag thread.

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Pretty good once you change the shitty music
you need to update your iphone.
I liked it

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