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Jotaro or Josuke, who's stronger?
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In a straight up fight between the two, and each knowing the others power, I'm pretty sure Jotaro would wreck Josuke.

As we can see in the first fight they have, CD can apparently break SP's guard, but with SP's time stop ability would just remove any kind of challenge Jotaro might have had.

Considering CD is a short range stand as well, there isn't really much Josuke could do to work around this without preparing something like the glass shards or blood cutters like during Kira's battle.
In a fair fistfight, Crazy Diamond is faster and stronger than Star Platinum. But it doesn't matter because Star Platinum can stop time, meaning Jotaro would win no contest.
There is literally no way to counter stopping time other than being able to do it yourself. That's why Araki had Diego win in SBR.

What's the greatest showdown in anime/manga history?
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King of Heroes, do you have enough swords?
Kenshin vs. Shishio.
You're waifu and a bunch of fat, old men.

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Post and discuss feminist anime series
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Keijo!!! is feminist as fuck
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This SJW shit
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no homo.gif
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utena is sexist, oppressive, and promotes pedophilia

just look at how they're sexualizing these minors, who are therefore also OPPRESSED males

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just how bad of a father was goku?
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Only literal psychopath assholes like Sohaku are worse.
Not nearly as bad as chichi a mother.
Good for a Saiyan.

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Why do flatties wear bras? I would think that was the ONE advantage of being flat, not having to wear a bra.
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Why do women not have pockets on most clothes and wear uncomfortable shoes?
Nipples still stick out. While some girls would put tape or band aids over them you can also do that with bigger breasts.
>Why do flatties wear bras?
So they don't get pokies sticking out of their shirt.

Same reason women wear slips under dresses.

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Irene Belserion is the dethroned queen of dragons and Erza is literally a dragon.
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That's so outrageously stupid it can't possibly be a lie.
Still can't beat Zoro
Fairy Tail!

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/a/, what is the best published non-h work by a former loli hentai mangaka / doujin artist?
Do you prefer when loli artists "go legit" that they keep their work similar to their original work full of ecchi like inuboshi's published manga or go the complete opposite like Sen to Man?
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Himawari Machi Sunroad Girls.
Isn't Ootsuku Reika writing a 'real' manga?
How is that going? I really like her h works.
Sekihan too, not many of them are getting translated so I do not know.

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Anno's suing Gainax. RIP
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Main points

>Studio Khara has filed a lawsuit against Gainax regarding a 100 million yen (about US$878,777)

>Khara and Gainax had an agreement that Khara would earn royalties from income Gainax received on works and properties Hideaki Anno had worked on. Khara alleges that Gainax has delayed on paying these royalties.

>Gainax had income of 240 million yen (about US$2.10 million) during the period ending on July 2016, a tenth of what it earned five years ago.

Holy fuck, Gainax is not going to make it much longer.
This is golden.
Sad but fitting.

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death note.png
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Would you use it?
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Only as a final resort.
Eh, why the fuck no

George Soros, doubles confirm

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Could Kira beat characters like Saitama or The Z warriors with Bites The Dust?
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He could beat them with base level Killer Queen.
He'd just be repeating what's already been done to Yamcha and Krillin
I don't think he could defeat any of them since the explosion doesn't seem especially powerful compare to what they have dealt with.

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ITT: great girls stuck in shit shows
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Kurumi Tokisaki.
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What does /a/ want for Christmas?
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I'll take 1 Mikumo in santa outfit and add maid and school girl clothes too please.
Makina x Reina Yuri doujins, with Mikumo and Kaname joining in on the fun.

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Yes but she's batshit crazy.
No, she is hot.
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Yes. She's also fashionable and sexy.

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Why is boipucelle so lewd?
90 percent on Poker Game, its so close, I'm pretty hyped
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admit it; you'd lewd around much more aggressively and openly if you got such body.

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3x3 thread
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>I just started watching anime this year: 3x3
My point still stands.

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