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I want to impregnante Sayaka
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gud thread op
What did he mean by this?
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dubs confirms

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So explain to me how exactly he didn't do anything wrong?
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Like Hitler he was just fighting for a brighter future for his people.
While the idea that he "did nothing wrong" isn't really arguable, SSY did a very good job of justifying and showing his actions as necessary.
Humanity saw queer rats as nothing other than slave labour and had wiped out queer rat colonies for far lesser transgressions in the past, there was no option for negotiations since queer rats had no bargaining chips or leverage. Humanity was also superior to queer rats in almost every way, with a single adult being able to wipe out a good portion of a queer rat colony if he wanted to. Genocide was the only way for queer rats to truly become free, as even leaving a single human village alive would ensure the extinction of his people once the humans got organized.
Its a meme from retards who didn't understand the show hence why we keep getting retarded posts like this >>150454422 Squealer sort of lost any stance when he started attacking his own colonies who didn't agree with it and engaging war between other colonies to further his goals. Say what you will about Humanities actions but they ultimately did what they did out of fear for their own survival due to being literal ticking bombs while Squealer wanted to be the dominated race again when he ended up doing his kinds anyways if Kiroumaru didn't bargain with Saki and Satoru the queerrats would have truly be extinct.

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mob psycho 100 chapter 97.9

started from the bottom now we here
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dump incoming
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New chapter. The monkey madness just won't end.
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I really like the Monmusu manga, I'd like to talk about it. What is your favorite chapter?
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This is going to get pruned before it hits ten posts

I enjoyed the chapter with Polt, Miia, Mero and Cerea at the pool. The OAD was good too.
I just watched the anime.
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The chapter where natural-sounding dialogue happened.... oh wait

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If CC gave you the geass, what would your power be like?
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pizza butt devestator
Procrastination Aura Engine
Make people ignore me.

In the end I would be invisible to everyone and could just take and do what I want

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The final court trial
Phoenix goku vs edgeta
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Is that illiterate spic autist still here? It's fun to laugh at.
Wow, is this a Ace Attorney reference?

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Now that the dust has truly settled, what was AOTY 2015?
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Hibike S1
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Anna button.jpg
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>Soul King Brook finally gets some action
Been missing this for a long time

Thoughts on the chapter?
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Why did Nami make this face?????????
finally a new thread i can shit up with memes
>inb4 the first 20 posts are memes

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Chapter 89.
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I finally got around watching Code Geass and I just got to this part, why people hated it?
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It was an asspull.
There's that word again.
It was very clever and audacious.

Name me one anime in the last five years that has a scene as impactful as this one
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Kill la Kill
Slicing Simian
how many senior cocks had she sucked by that age?

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yotsugi's foot.webm
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Webm thread
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mayoiga hand signal.webm
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What the fuck was her problem?
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Being a cunt is not a problem. Its woman's nature.
She took one for the team so pizza-chan could win.
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get over it, fag

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Is Saitama ever going to dick this petulant child?
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Tatsumaki is a mature woman!
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Is Saitama an ass or tits man?
He would probably just spank her

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