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I see no thread so I made one to ask. I'm gonna translate 2 anthology chapters today. Guess I'll translate the Fusou chapter and Pola chapter in the newest sasebo. Hopefully they aren't translated yet?
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If they're not in http://pastebin.com/u/-a-nonymous then they're definitely not translated.
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Translation hype!
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No Kaga chapter?

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It's friday so it's relevant, please don't be such spergs, dear mods
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Waiting for BTD OP
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BtD opening hype

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>be total loser in real life
>suddenly hit by a japanese truck
>given second chance at life in a new world
>gain super special ability
>do not abuse any of it and pretend to be weak
>help everyone because muh humble and benevolent japanese culture
>everyone loves muh japanese food

People actually like this shit?
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OP watches animu
look at him and laugh
What terrible series have you been watching?
Sounds like Death March except for the truck.

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Because discussion was just starting in the last one, and there can never be enough ogling/deconstructing pastel-colored lesbians.
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Anyone have webm's of this last episode. I'm lazy
No, but the imagery of Cocona traveling through a birth canal and emerging from a sheltered, dark womb (her past life of lonely sequestration from the world) into a new, bright world (the world now that she has engaged with it through papika) was about as blatant as possible.
Are you agreeing with me?

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Who keeps ruining this smile?
Also R.I.P Purin.
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When can we expect big mom doujins?
Pudding is now my One Piece waifu.

Beautiful Italian repressed homosexuality.
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They were beautiful.
No one should be this handsome.
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He's allowed to.

>there wll never be another year as good as 2007 for anime
How does that make you feel?
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>Kaiji, TTGL, and 5cm in the same year

fucking hell
2007 was solid but since then I've preferred 2013.
>more than half of those
>anything but mediocre
Feels fine. We've had some pretty solid years recently regardless of what people say.

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Natsuki going to Nationals just kidding
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She actually is.
Are Reina and Kumiko going to have some drama regarding Taki's waifu?

Next year.
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>Britannian Empire
>Doesn't own Britannia
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>Holy Roman Empire
>Doesn't own Rome
I'm so fucking happy to see CG threads on /a/ again.
It feels like I've gone back in time.
future =/= past

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ITT: Best side-characters of their respective series.

I'll start.
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A true alpha unlike Lawrence
meme character, doesn't even come close to Ohgi's depth as a person

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Too bad she got the eleven dick instead.
I agree so much. Fucking Eleven self-inserting wish fulfillment.

I'm still mad.
Stay salty mate

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Does /a/ agree on this?
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History Maker and Great Days were practically tied for me.

But now that episode 36 came along "Great Days" has been launched into the stratosphere as far as my opinion is concerned.

I keep watching this over and over. It's so ridiculous how obsessed I've become with this.
I can't decide which is better, YoI OP or Drifters OP. Though Ed of the season is definitely Flip Flap
History maker is repetitive garbage
udon for op and stella for ed

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>Code Geass R3
>One Punch Man S2
>Attack on Titan S2
>Haruhi S3
>Panty & Stocking S2
>Little Witch Academia
>Full Metal Panic
>Violet Evergarden

How the fuck are we even going to survive 2017?
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So much disappointment, so little time
Just think of the memes we're gonna get. It's the only thing keeping me going.
Yep, the crossboarders and newfags will go all out.

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Dumping new Kenshin chapter because fuck it. Why not.
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What a slut.
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Stop it.
It's a look that suits her.

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