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It's Karen's birthday!

Karen, I'm extremely grateful to be with you for another year, and I can't wait to see what the next year holds for us. I love you so much.

No Aliceposters please. Have respect.
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

Fuck off, Japan. She doesn't have a Scorpionic personality at ALL.

Otome Sensou Chapter 6

>Prepare for Vulting
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More heretics

What's your favorite genre? For me it's comedy and or fantasy.
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Good anime

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Just finished watching this and let me say , what a fucking great OST . What does /a/ think overall ?
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It's a great anime but why do FLCL threads never get any posts? I swear I've never seen a furikuri thread with more than 20 posts
The Pillows are amazaballs, but Samurai Champloo is best OST.

Also, FLCL was first animu OST I bought.
It's 15 years old. Everything to discuss has been discussed a million times by now.

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Are they serious? http://grisaia-pt.com/en/index.html
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How to destroy a VN released 5 years ago in Japan that's been mostly forgotten like any other piece of entertainment that gets released at any given time?
I don't see what the problem is. It's a new story that takes place in the same world. It's not like it's ruining the characters or fucking up the already ridiculous plot.
Games go on /v/

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>get a little drizzle on them
>catch a cold right away
>lay in bed for days with a fever like they're on their deathbed
is jap's constitution really this weak?
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Japenese women's genome lack a housekeeping gene which syntheses the semi-essential amino acid called spermidine. Therefore, they require regular intake for proper growth and for good health (Autist et.al, 2014)
Japanese colds are deadlier than the rest.
You should also be wary of the highly territorial predatory truck if you ever plan on visiting Nipland.
>visiting Nipland
Not while they have those hornets flying around.

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Is he a good person or a bad one?
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Neither. only an autist deals in absolutes
This. I'd probably like the guy myself if that'a what you're asking
He saved the entire world, killed a tyrant, liberated Japan, and brought about world peace.

The man is more than a good person. He's a god damn paragon of humanity who ought to have monuments erected in his honor in every country.

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Best Girl
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Agreed. There's really nothing to debate here since Yukino is such a no-fun bitch
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Best girl

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I'll start. Pokemon, for obvious reasons.
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He's ten though.
This thread
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You lied to me /a/. This movie was great despite it being Naruto. Why do I even listen to you?

>that Naruto and Sasuke teamwork and fight against Momoshiki

>that father son rasengan with the flashbacks thrown in
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>When you realize Sasuke ignores Sakura for 99.9% of the movie

They were only shown together for like two seconds at the end
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>Dude gets Cuckura pregnant
>disapears for 9years

Best husbando of 2016
But we did like it you fag.

I think you're just b8ing in order to get a conversation without sounding like a Narutard. Very well.

I too liked the movie and although it was generic it did the action sequences very well. Seeing Naruto use Sasuke's sword and the Chakra beast form with Susano'o armor was great.

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Post anime that (almost) never gets posted on /a/.

I'll start.
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Current /a/ posters weren't even born yet when these aired.
Prepare for saucefags despite having obvious search material even in your image name.
This is that video game one that Ben Ettinger likes, right?

>/a/ won't be able to refute this
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>pleases old men for money

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What's in your backlog, /a/?
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>Chobits 2 install Gentoo
What a mess.
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>Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Season 2

Are you from the future?

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I agree.
Season 3 is shit though.
Take that back you faggot.

Violent Femmes
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