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Just a friendly reminder to how sexy af Lord Boros was.

Goodnight, sweet prince.
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he was so /fa/
Boku no Pico, its an anime, but you'll like it.
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Who is the best anime and why is it Karen?
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There is already a Karen thread you loser.
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Doesn't mean there can't be two Karen threads.
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At least I'm the type of loser that counts the number of Karen threads, you loser

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Overrated as fuck
>characters have constant moodswings
>predictable ending since midway show that somewow manages to shock MC
>constant flashbacks to past
>no good conclusion
>average seiyuus
>overuse of 3D in goddamn music anime

what a waste of time
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I don't really like it, but I did love the letter in the last episode.

> girl used MC's best friend to get closer to MC
> cucked best girl
> dies and doesnt even have the guts to tell him face to face.

yea fuck this anime. 8/10 though

The bus to the hospital. I noped right the fuck out. This anime is ass and is overly predictable, has literally no redeeming qualities.

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Kumiko is more beautiful and oozes with more raw sexual energy than any other girl I have ever seen.
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She's a meme girl with meme hair that makes meme noises, and I love her.
I love her feet.
Me too, though my favorite Kumiko body part is her boobs.

How did you like Sket Dance?

I just finished the anime and the manga where the anime left off and I'm pretty happy with how it ended.

I loved the characters, humor, and the relationships everyone had with each other.

One thing that kind of disappointed me was how neither Himeko or Saaya won the Bossunbowl.

Biscut Dance spin off when?
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I only watched the cameo in Gintama
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I watched about 10 episodes, then skipped to the Gintama cameo episode then dropped it

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Why is reverse NTR so great yet so uncommon?
Before anyone asks: source is Strike the Blood... I think
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>not fucking in front of her
Weak shit
>reverse NTR

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NTR: Woman cheats on man/spoken for woman seduced by another man
NTR: Man cheats on woman/spoken for man seduced by another woman

Before you take offense to the "reverse" part, realize that most boorus have the "reverse rape" tag.

I honestly thought this would have sold well given the original VN's popularity. What went wrong?
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There is no such thing as "should be popular" you retard nigger.

It either is or isn't.
Seems like something that would have done better in 2011.
Garbage adaptation of a mediocre VN.

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It's almost over
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Fuck it's still going
3 more chapters
That final "game is really fucked up. Looking at how all the past chapters have been absolute despair I don't think we're not getting something positive out of the three remaining chapters.

The easiest choice possible would be that that going back in time works. Though that would be a 100% rip off of Mirai Nikki.

So, help me get this straight.

Marianne was a Britannian pureblood queen who, along with Charles, used her own daughter and crippled her legs, made her blind and fucked her memories then sent then both to Japan. Afterwards they start a war without sparing then a single thought until cc accidentally ends up with lelouch after which Marianne and Charles collude with her to manipulate him to become a mass murdering terrorist. This was OK because he was going to do it anyway.

Secondly she was a knight who was revered fit her accomplishments in battle and was a murderous, scheming piece of shit because in her mind people don't even exist. Killing and destroying is a-ok because everyone is just a different manifestation of God.

I feel sorry for lelouch, going to ask these lengths due a woman he finds out to be just as bad as the person he hates the most in the whole world and even being his ally ask this time.
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Fucking autocorrect, phone posting should be banned.
She and Charles are just horrible characters that were completely fucked up in R2.
Horrible characters and horribly written.

Seems to me they were written that way to finally establish cc's character, and as a way to make lulu go full fucking tilt. They were never really important nor was their plan or the thought elevator, they were just the final set pieces. They could have been written to do absolutely anything as long as it was opposed to lulu

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What was the dumbest reason you dropped a show? I got so pissed off at an Anon that I dropped GochiUsa out of protest.

I don't even remember what I was so mad about.
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/a/ told me it was shit
I dropped NNB after one episode because nano.RIPE sang the ED and I hate them.
/a/ told me your waifu is shit

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We can all agree glasses make the woman, can we not?
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I disagree. Glasses do not make the woman in isolation, but adding glasses to a good woman can enhance certain attributes. Depending on both the woman and the profile of her glasses it can make her look academic, or it can add a bit of vulnerability to an otherwise strong woman, or enhance the already present cuteness of a girl.

They're an accessory that enhance the woman, but do not define her.
>We can all agree glasses make the woman shit, can we not?

Fixed that for you.

Holy shit she's perfect and a literal semen demon. She's too good for that beta blond faggot.
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Too bad. She wants him and nothing you can do will change her mind.
But that beta faggot gonna rail her everyday anon.
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Fluid druid.

When did it go oh so horribly wrong? How did it go from a shonen giant that rivaled One piece and Naruto at its peak to the pissed down turd by its end?
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Kubo isn't that good of a story teller
>When did it go oh so horribly wrong?
According to whom?

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Have you been living under a rock bro?
I dont remember this

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Are you ready to experience Code Geass with /a/ again?

I still don't habeeb it.
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I-I'm a newfag, I came here in 2010.
didn't do it the first time

Well, there's still plenty of time to catch up before it happens, so no worries.

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