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Guys, the one finger selfie is now a 3d meme. Why normies have to ruin everything nice?
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Where did this meme originate from?
This pose is not possible.

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whats up with that floating starfish
is it possible to gently shoo away a dead girl

Has anyone else on here been reading this?
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You'd be better off trying to discuss it in the Monster Musume thread.
But yeah, it's pretty cute. It's a shame Raptor Scans has been without a translator for a few months.
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Might as well post the pages in case a passing anon wants to translate them
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>there are enough variations for a Holy Grail War comprised entirely of Sabers
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Every king in all human history was a hot blonde Welsh chick. Obviously.
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fuck off
Not Saber but,

>Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) (Santa Lily)

Fate/GO is on a completely different level of oddities.

Am I actually starting to like this MC?

She is taking the stick out of her ass rather quickly,
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>you will never stick it in her ass
I will forever consider her a retard for letting her friend die to Machinimakushimashita-man.
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she's not a bad protagonist she grows and her views on the system change if you didn't she'd literally be pic related

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Did I miss today's World Trigger storytime thread, or did we just not get one today?
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I didn't see it, so best assumption is it didn't happen because of some difficulty on storytime op's side.
If he doesn't do it tomorrow you should take over OP

anons need to see Ikoma
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Could use this thread for the few new things of the day :

From the extras of the volume, Katori uses her trion body to grow her boobs, and she's a Karasuma fangirl.
Hana is a Arashiyama fangirl.
Miura is related to Hana I think (cousin or something), and Wakamura is a friend of Katori's brother. Ashihara seems to like his design a lot.

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Pic related.
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K-On or Dirty Pair
>Shows you constantly shitpost about but have never ever watched

/a/ - Anime & Manga
None because I'm not a buttfucking retarded underage abortion reject.

Is there any scene in manga as hot as this one?
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I miss Prison School.
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Yes. The whole handholding incident from the same manga.
I always feel their scenes are usually borderline romantic.

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>what will be revived next?
but seriously whats up with this nostalgia boom?
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Possibly, because of GiTS getting that big Hollywood money.
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luka_stop it.jpg
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If they try and reboot this I will flip the fuck out

You've taken everything from me, dont take my good bad memories as well.
Entertainment industries are running out of new things to do, so they're redoing stuff that's been done.

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remember this guy /a/?
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Still makes me laugh.
I've never seen a single arc irreversibly fuck up an entire series as hard as the Future arc fucked up Reborn
i thought the future arc was fine though. never mind the shitfest that followed.

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>The Kid who calls people his "toys" "playthings" and is generally edgy as shit.

I've never seen this done well
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if you hate it then it means they made what is supposed to be an unlikable character well
Every single character in Mirai Nikki was shit. I'd say Yuno was even worse than this little faggot.

Same here, but more when they're a "scientist" and everything is called an "experiment"

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I want to get into Precure but there's so many series and episodes. What's a good starting point?
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Heartcatch or Futari wa Precure are great starters.

Splash Star is okay, skip Doki Doki.
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Heartcatch is literally the only good part of the entire franchise. You can watch that and then drop the entire thing.
They are all shit, just start with whatever you want, if you manage to stick with it long enough then you will develop stockholm syndrome and have a great time anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

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Quick! Nene's gonna pull the trigger! Say something that'll make her stop!
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do it faggot
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Rice Owls

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In this thread, I'm going to translate a Hokuto no Ken one-shot by Yukito titled RedBlue, focusing on everyone's favorite twin jobbers of the Five Chariots, Hyui and Shuren. It was first published online on the Web Comic Zenyon website on October 24, 2014 and published in print as a backup story in Hokuto no Ken Ichigo Aji Vol. 3.

I posted translations of the previous Hokuto one-shots here on /a/, which have been archived in the following links.

Heart of Meet
Nanto of Meet

Support Comic Zenon International by visiting their site.
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>It brings life and death to Earth
>It can be felt without being seen
>If you can befriend it and harness its vacuum
>It can be turned into a blade that can can cut anything.
File: 03_144.jpg (547KB, 1104x1599px)Image search: [Google]
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>RedBlue: Children of Co-joined Wings
>Based on characters by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara
>Written by Yushi Kawata
>Illustrated by Yukito
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>Truly impressive
>Oh... It's you.
>Lord Rihaku, did you came here for something?
>No reason in particular, just passing through.
>By the way, is that child...the one you called Hyui?
>It's terrifying that a child like him could could control the winds.
>The ability to destroy your opponent without touching him...
>The tradition of Fujinken, the Fist of the Benevolent Wind, seems to be safe in his hands...

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Other than lore, is there a real reason the author wanted Guts to have a blade that is bigger than him?
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It's extremely painful.
Because it looks FUCKING AWESOME!
I think Miura said he came up with it as a gimmick to attract readers

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