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Episode 23 soon.
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this anime is so fuckin generic
what a garbage

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Kindly reminder to spoiler tag all Queens spoilers. Ctrl-S on Windows to bring up the spoiler tags. Put your spoilers between the tags.
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spoilereveryone dies spoiler
I want to MARRY Mariko
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>Please use spoiler
>OP is a spoiler image

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Episode 11 soon.
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Hans will be okay, right?
I know that male characters have pretty high mortality rate in this series, but I don't want him to die.
Is he blushing because of her boobs?

>people seriously counted Yayaka out
Brace yourselves, it's only downhill for Papika here.
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I'm just watching the episode and wat

Grandma was a robot all along?
Get out of the city.
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What did she actually mean by this?
If you watch the previous episodes you'll notice that the signs were there.

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It's that time again. Time for some more literary moe.

Oppai loli as the cover. Great start.
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So, this is an otome novel before otome novels are a thing, right?

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>Tohsaka Rin is now literally the goddess of prostitutes
This was not coincidence and you know it.
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what the fuck happened
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Luvia begins studying archeology & ancient mesopotamian for the sole purpose of uncovering new tablets that describes how Tohsaka Rin pleases old men for money ohohoho
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This is explained in canon.

The last thread was very heated and ill-willed, let's start this one with some discussion:
What is the defining moment when you discovered who your favorite Jojo was?
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When Josuke stuck his dick inside Hirose
I wanna rip Jotaro's pants off and STAR SUCC his dick while he STAR FINGERS my asshole.
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When he made this face.

It's pure love.
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still can't believe they pulled off a twist this good
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It is, anon, it is.

Two pure boys and one pure love.

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Why was she best girl.
Lets have a in depth discussion about this.
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The only competition was Sakura. Kishi figured everyone would love her because she was the main girl and had as much screen time as Naruto despite never doing anything with it. Because of this, he didn't feel like he had to write any actual romance, something he hates doing, and by the end Hinata was the only choice that made any sense because she was the only one was any romantic history with Naruto.

She won by default, because Kishi can't write and especially can't write romance. That doesn't change the fact she's objectively the best girl regardless though.
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Not even the best girl in the family.
Because her love was pure.

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>There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who think Kallen won't win the lulu bowl
When will they learn?
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Sup Kallen
They even have Gino as their Ulquiorra. It's pretty sad how desperate they are
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>There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who think Kallen won't win the lulu bowl
When will you ever learn?

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No thread edition edition
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duhlit zees!

Is there a livestream of today's episode?
There will be a livestream of tomorrow's episode, yeah. Same place.

Activities with friends is much better than remaining idle
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Must be nice to have friends.
Is sloshing with friends better?
Are 'idles' electric?

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Owl best Eren
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Bert deserved life.
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Armin is perfect.
Will Mikasa commit sudoku when Eren and Armin die of cancer?

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Why do nips always tease girl/girl relationships but they never actually turn them into a couple? they always hug, hold hands and sheeit but never a single kiss.
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Nips don't take lesbians seriously
because yuri doesn't sell

come on anon we've had like 5 threads this week alone on the subject

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Will Brook ask her if he can see her panties?
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Why is Sanji acting like he doesn't care?
He has a plan right?
That food he is cooking is for Luffy right?
Those flowers are for Nami right?
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Don't mind me. Just posting best girl.
The ugly mutant will pay for what she did
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Are ready for her to join the crew? We are half way done with this ark

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