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Do you want to make or request anime/manga related art?
Then this is your thread
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Requesting pic related with Schwarz Bruder from G Gundam.
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Requesting Kuroka from Highschool DxD undressing from her robes, while she has black panties or not, and a bandaid on her right nipple.
Taking the lewdest requests you have. Will pick 1.

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Why is no one talking about this?

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I'm not sure I understand what's going on.
Japanese teen reincarnates into Yamcha and tries not to be just a jobber
Hope it gets translated soon. I'd like to know what series of circumstances altered this timeline. What made Yamcha decide to travel with Goku, and in essence stay pace with him?

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why black people characters are uncommon(unpopular, hated) in anime?
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fuck off nigger
Not very many in Japan and they are generally hated the world over when you put aside self-loathing whites.

How do we fix Flip Flappers?
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Start over but make it less dumb
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cocona mine.jpg
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>this is a show about motorbikes
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spotted a typo
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I miss Rin. I need more Rin in my life.

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The chapters out on MangaStream now!

So it seems Irene was the reason of Dragon Slayer and the head of the war that became the festival. Curious how Acno never heard of her then when they met considering she's the reason of his power and was a Queen and in the same fight.
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So who is the father? That Belserion Dragon? Erza is half giant lizard?
And BTW what is Natsu feeling right there???
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Lucy actually did it! The absolute madwoman!
>What is natsu feeling right there
Lucy's warm boobs.

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New thread
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Just an FYI but the other one isn't even at bump limit yet.
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>Top Girl is dead
>people still watch this trash

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Zamasu did nothing wrong edition
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Piccolo Arc best Arc
Why does this look so gay compared to old school dbz?

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9/10 it looks ok.

Maybe I have no eye for detail but doesn't look overwhelmingly moe to me. Seems much the same from what I could see of the new bits there.
Is Kazuma going to be a mopey bitch this season?

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Best girl
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>best anything
Haha no.
>Lets a bunch of wandering asteroids enter inside her
She's a slut
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Best boy

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>Novel scans: https://imgur.com/a/Zd1MD
>Ripped text: http://flare-flare.tumblr.com/post/154358839381/bleach-we-do-knot-always-love-you-ch1
>Translated summary: https://pepperrikka.tumblr.com/post/154360268799/renruki-novel-synopsis-and-chapter-1-summary
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She looks so beautiful. Look at those snowflakes sewn onto the veil, look at her glossy lips.
Second post for IchiRuki still being alive.
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Yes, IchiRuki will stay alive in your heart and mind. Just not in canon.

Do you think Izetta scored?

With a date like this, I find it hard to imagine she didn't.
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Is water wet?
Fine certainly was.

Why do people hate Emiya?
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lawful good is for fags
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Chaotic Evil kiddies are not people.

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You most certainly would an improved Rin.
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>improved Rin
That's just Rin, if you ever had a lover you'd know you can get them to wear anything for sex.
I'm kinda tight on money this week.
What's her throat game like?

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Precure thread
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I've recently started Heartcatch. It's great.

I'm getting the impression that Erika's dad wants to fuck Tsubomi.
I have a webm I could post, but I won't. Yet.
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Everybody wants to fuck Tsubomi.

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