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New episode soon
Are you hyped for Unlimited Butt Works?
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But that looks like the Gate of Hips
They better play a bootleg EMIYA for this


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What's her character archetype?
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Slut that becomes an even bigger slut
Kuudere you fucking retard
Top Idol

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who is going to watch it?

I should start on amagami soon.
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is the sister with no route best girl again?
Bottom right is best girl
Center is worst
i am but if it turns out that only 3 girls are getting romanced then its getting dropped immedietly

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The newest chapter is on CR but the reader is being a bitch, no one has ripped it yet?
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Not OP but interested
Still waiting for actual rips from chapter 129 and chapter 130 still.

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This is your thread for the next 3 days, until the episode airs. Enjoy!
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Since he's coming for Christmas, is Zarc a Cowboy-Santa?

>[ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid (720p BDRip x264 AAC) BATCH

It's sad to finally be done with these after twenty months. It was fun while it lasted.
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No it wasn't.
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Thanks. We will never know why the delay happened, right?

Are you ready?
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seiya is late today.
>[seiya] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 10 [720p].mp4

It's time.
Anyone know whats up with horrible subs? Im three episodes behind because I can only use XDCC

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Pre previews thread
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>5 more hours
Are you ready to wait all night long?
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tease master.png
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what is she showing you /a/?
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Looks like a phone
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At least post the template with transparency you nigger.

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Post characters that did nothing wrong
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You start.
What did he do wrong?

ITT: girls who have been ruined by doujins. I'll start with perhaps the most egregious example...
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She was ruined when she was a slut to begin with.
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This is Ryuko, say something nice about her
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Ryuko is CUTE
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Satsuki a better.

How well does Saint Seiya hold up?
I generally like mecha shows from the 80s, and I like Dragonball, but I've never gotten into Saint Seiya for some reason. It's got a lot of episodes so I'll have plenty of material to keep me entertained, at least hypothetically. But since it's an earlier shonen series I'd assume it'll have a lot of undeveloped stuff that while impressive at the time wouldn't be too notable nowadays.

Your thoughts?
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I fucking love Saint Seiya but it aged like milk, both the manga and the original anime. Perhaps the best thing about the manga are the armor designs, some are nice to look at.

The Spin-offs Episode G and Saintia Sho receive a lot of good comments, though. I never read them so I can't give you an opinion.
I would recommend to stay away from the spin-off AND the OAV unless you really enjoy the vanilla series.

I like this anime. A lot. I am personally more of a manga fan (there are some difference between the anime and the manga), but the Anime has some of the best music I have heard in a show.

Though, I would advise to start with the original anime (as the manga at its start has an old style that can be really off-putting for new readers) up until the end of the Poseidon Saga, then attack the Hades Saga with the Manga first (as I consider it better than the Hades anime).

That's my advise.
It doesn't hide its age (which to me is a plus to be honest, it's basically all the maymay HOTBLOOD you see nowadays but taking itself seriously). But if you're talking classic shounen and casting off nostalgia glasses, the anime has aged a lot better than classic DBZ (I grew up with the original soundtrack, boyos, and it's pure arse even if it fits some scenes. Also chapters don't take up 20 minutes to have 2 minutes worth of coverage according to the manga, either).

If you like 80s shounen you know what you're getting into really.

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This is the best anime cinema ever created
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maybe animation wise.
the plot and the characters were full retard
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get the fuck outta here
Thanks YIFY

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