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Previews most likely not tonight, go to sleep or go get drunk at a party somewhere and seduce your 3D crush.
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Would you rather be married or legally brothers with your lover? I mean if you have no other options, then adopted is fine, but I think most people would prefer to be married
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>mfw waiting for this episode
>wasting your time with 3DPD
No, thanks, I'll just wait for the previews.

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Misaki tenshi.webm
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4 days until we mark the decade for the ending of Welcome to NHK.

How are you planning on celebrating?
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Shit show. The world won't miss you fools.
Isn't it just some failed nomalfag and normalfag propaganda? Fuck off.

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Use a maximum of 10 rectangles to represent an anime in paint.

Others try and guess the anime.
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Tonari no seki-kun
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>harem or magical girl anime
>girl(s) are clearly in love with main character/want some dick
>main guy is too innocent or nervous to start anything with anyone

Does this piss anyone else off? This happens all the fucking time, and you know if this shit happened to you, you'd whip it out or at least start SOMETHING with at least one girl.
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Get used to it or don't watch this kind of show, it's not that hard.
How does one oldfag enough to post Ryoko still get pissed of by harem cliches?
Have you spend the last two decades in cold sleep, grandpa?
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I want to CUM inside Ryoko.

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8man 2.jpg
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If you have a problem with Yamcha then you have a problem with Beerus
would watch. might end up being like naruto sd
This is how you fucking do isekai.
Fucking genius idea, 10/10 want an anime that is not by toei which is impossible

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Guanghong loves dong, but what does Phichit love?
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SNS only
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attention and homoweddings
Pitching, silly.

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What did /a/ think of D-Frag? I don't watch much comedy anime but I thought it was nice, enough for me to give the manga a go. Chitose is best girl, but Sakura's 24/7 smug was great too.
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Roka is best girl in my opinion. The show had some great moments and her little antics were my favorites.
>No roka doujins ever

Why even live
The manga is definitely great.

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fuck you kyon.gif
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Kyon made the right choice. He knows he can't live in a world without his Haruhi.
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Reminder that disappearance Yuki is best Yuki
Yes I mean Yuki from both disappearances

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New episode, subs out.
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I'm behind a few episodes but this season hasn't live up to previous ones if you ask me.
I thought it's been pretty good personally. There's been a couple slow episodes but 5-9 are some of the best in the entire series imo. The Natori-Matoba flashback episode is one of the stronger non-"youkai of the week" episodes. I'll be watching 10 later today.
I find it good, some QUALITY notwithstanding. It still has that charm and atmosphere.

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Newtype January 2017 cover.
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>Lelouch is popular outside /a/
Lads what year are we in?
Why is he so perfect?
We had this thread like 5 times last week. Fuck off CGfags I don't want any more.

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Why haven't you watched the best anime out there?

Pic related: it is best anime!
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Is the remake happening or what?
I Am Waiting for You was the best OP, prove me wrong.
I'm watching it right now, it's pretty great... but the works of Masaaki Yuasa are superior.

File: Best Girl (2).png (4MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Best Girl (2).png
4MB, 1920x1080px
What is the first word you think of when you see this face?
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Dragon Ball was a huge hit that redefined how people approached action and adventure...so why does it seem like a lot of the creators it "influenced" don't understand its strong points?

Look at Volume 16. Nearly the entire thing is a fight between Goku and Jr. The pacing is masterful, as every single chapter provides something new and gives a sense of fulfilment regardless of whether it's more fisticuffs or verbal confrontation.

How do these fuckers who praise this shit like the gospel just not get it?
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Who are you referring to, exactly?
>How do these fuckers who praise this shit like the gospel just not get it?
Same reason why the comic book industry and the 90s authors read Watchmen and they thought it was good because it had sex and violence or the anime industry only took the waifu faggotry from NGE to the point even Eva followed the trend on rebuild. Shit happens
kill yourself

File: Bikini-Warriors-OVA-44.jpg (78KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>[ExileSub][Bikini Warriors][13-14(New OVA)][720P][BIG5]

gook subs activated
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Is it Christmas already?
it's not RAW and the subs are hard so I guess not just yet
File: Bikini-Warriors-OVA-53.jpg (71KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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How do you feel about noticeable small breasts?
I.e. not flat.
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Perfect size if you ask me.
They are the best size.
I prefer this to completely flat.

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