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>[Davinci] Girlish Number - 10 [720p][F244A1C6].mkv
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What was Gojou's problem this episode?
Still hasn't forgiven Chitose for what she said.
>using Google Translate on automatic

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What's the next step in their platonic relationship?
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Victor screwdriving into Yuuri with only saliva as lube.

100% eros achieved
After their platonic wedding night (with platonic consumation) they'll likely platonically adopt some kids (for the tax break)
Poodle farm ending.

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Post cards, initials, wrapped gifts

Keep them spirits up for the 25th.

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>0/6 cards sent
>0/6 cards received
get on that shit senpai
I sent all my stuff. If you want your initials, you may find your letters inside this post.

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this angel deserve a thread
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They know.png
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Vados is cute. CUTE!!

Being doggo is suffering
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Crunchyroll with the absolutely savage preview thumbnail
Blame it all on Pythie.
So seriously, what was the point of Cranberry? Wasn't she supposed to be the main villain?

>[ron] Vivid Strike! - 11 [C9806416].mkv

>it's a Jill episode
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NanoFate Extra #11 - 「The Last Picture Drama」

>[ron] Nanoha Picture Drama 05 - Welcome to Midchilda Academy [9833055B].mkv

The final picture drama unless they make more. It's thematically similar but not directly related to the previous one.
Whoa, you're like 15 hours early ron.

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Being Grisha is suffering.
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Being his son is much more suffering than that though.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Bert deserved life.

Why is Coconas hair so fluffy? What's her secret?
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>that stupid hair hook on the right

Literally needs to be removed.
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She has a lot of static electricity because she like rubbing pussies together.

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It's time to make others happy and draw adorable wives.
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Requesting Tharja doing something mage like and writing in a tome in her room or mixing potions.
Or doing something to shield herself from the cold.

A joint request with Nowi, maybe an outfit swap or a playful Nowi and annoyed Tharja.

Tharja wearing any of these characters clothes.

A Christmasy family thing with our daughters.

Anything cute with SI(or alone) is fine too.
Requesting my wonderful waifu, Mimi.

Possibly sitting on anon's lap, from anon's point of view, but anything cute would be greatly appreciated.

She'll share her vodka with you if you draw her!

As always, take it easy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Requesting Shion relaxing under a kotatsu or her dressed as lancer Medusa from fate/grand order
medusa ref: http://imgur.com/a/ggkGV
Anything cute of her is fine
Thanks in advance

Look at me.

I'm the OP now.
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kill yourself
I heard 2017 is the year of SanjixNami.
What main protags from an arc, no matter how small, could Zoro have destroyed?

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Good VN. Now give me another.
I was stationed at Kadena in the past, so seeing this was a huge shocker.

I made a thread about it as I was playing that scene but it got swiftly deleted.
C;C is coming in 2017.

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Such an emotional and relatable ride, episode 10 of Hibike 2 is arguably one of the best episodes of the year so far.

Kumiko's VA did a fantastic job as well.
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I just want Kumiko to be happy.
she will be happy with shoe
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Who was in the wrong here?

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What happen if Maho had the spur of goodwill before series started and she save Erika instead and was exile to Oarai?

Would Erika still admire her?
Would she lead Oarai to victory over KMM?
Would she turn into the normal happy girl around the eccentrics of the school?

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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!
What happened to the last thread?
Shitty janitor or rogue mod, take your pick.

Then again, we weren't really talking about the show, again. We should try that this time.

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nigga please.png
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What do you like the most about your favorite villain?
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Much better. Though knowing this place this'll be the thread that gets pruned while the one with the shitty OP is allowed to stay up.
Should of got there first.
He just wants to live a quiet life, like me.

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Read the guide before asking any questions: Buyfag.moe
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>Alter Saber on 28th 12
Alter saving Christmas a few days late.
Looks like saltymod is awake again.
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When the fuck is this mod finally gonna give it a rest?

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