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Is this domestic violence?
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Izetta will get killed for that.
Not in the 1940s
I wonder what was Fine thinking when Izetta slapped her.

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tea girl.png
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So why doesn't she just touch a villain and lift him up mid-way to the stratosphere and then release?

Literally 95% of bad guys couldn't survive this. Like what's the Handyman gonna do about it? Nothing.

Splash - crack - dead.
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She can't
She can lift up persons just fine.
why is she so bland. she is like sakura 2.0

>combat skills
>not as good as the main protag
>serve nothing more than a love interest
>no defining physical characteristics

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I want to MARRY Marika!
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I don't give a shit about anything else, I just want to fuck Swim Swim.
Swim Swim didn't do anything wrong, It has to be done.
Literally who?

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I'll catch you... Kira.
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>makes public press conference in a hoodie

Did anyone see the Kancolle movie?

(For the newfag mods: yes, It's anime)
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Still waiting and hoping for it not to be as bad as people say it is.
How much 3DCG did they use?
1 is too many

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Why does miia always gets to have the best costumes?

Lets have a monster musume thread.
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If our threads keep getting pruned here why don't we just take it to 8ch's /a/?
Their board is 18+ too, so we won't get flak for posting our lewd chinese comics.
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First Girl Syndrome. First girl usually has the best chances of winning due to being introduced earlier and having more 1-on-1 interaction with the MC. She also tends to get preferential treatment from the author and be among the favorites (even those who don't rate her best girl usually have her as second best girl). Realistically speaking Miia winning and harem end are the only options.

Why would these threads get pruned? We're talking about an ongoing manga with an anime release and a solid chance of getting a second season. And there's chinkmoots policy on spoilered nipples so everything should be daijobu.

>Stop talking about anime and manga on /a/.

But enough of that. The large majority of off topic posts over the month were about if those threads should exist or not. Enough of it.

Just i prefer the art style of the color pages and the 8 brothers stories over the normal manga?

A real hero. A real human being.


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He should have used his stronger cards first. Dumb white knight ;_;
It ain't easy being a white knight.

The hero we needed, but not the one we deserved.
Hetfag BTFO

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What's the problem?
what? its Japanese anime, created to destroy your soul and screw you for life
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Yuri will get an injury and pull out. He won't care because he'll still have victor.
Fairy will forfeit out of respect
JJ will win
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First for Piggy
>JJ will win

Not so fast
>Fairy will forfeit out of respect

No he won't and it won't be disrespectful either.

Tell me /a/, why do they wear the masks?
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>every alien is just a reskinned human

I hate this meme in movies/anime/games/everything.
how do you know that humans aren't reskinned aliens?
Earth air is like poison for them. They need more Ammonia.

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I realized Betty was the true best girl of Re:Zero all along.
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>the rest of /a/ will never realize drill loli a best
Every thread until Rem wakes up.
Sex with Beako.

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Who is the worst girl who has ever existed and why is it Swim Swim?
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Can you please stop insulting my wife? Thank you.
Shhhhh. You're gonna trigger the anime original swimposters, and they're like broken records.
I want to MARRY Marika!

I want to make a long line of little potted plant Alraunes with her.

Is this what a lesbian orgasm looks like?
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Fuck they were so close to kissing.
Is this yellow thing their lesbian juice?

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Broadcast is 30 minutes late
Time for more ORUFAN NAMIDA, I see.
Shino isn't gonna die here if thats what you mean

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Was DIO gay? Let's debate
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He fucked Pucci at least twice
He's confirmed to not have any preference in that one interview Araki did.
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goppy makes me floppy

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