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Any news about the new season?

Also, who's the best character and why is it Favaro?
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is kaisar a cuck
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Today's her birthday: say something nice about her.
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haruna on a zebra.jpg
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She's fairly Daijoubu.
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Nice butt.
at least she made it home

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>"eh, manga to movie adaptation can't be that ba.."
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It was ok.
movie wasn't bad. emily blunt is my 3d waifu. I actually expected a lot worse before I watched it, so it was a pleasant surprise when it turned out to be pretty good.
Take your facebook memes back to facebook.

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>What's all this all of the sudden?

>[something deep]

>Baka! Hentai!

>supposedly British/American character
>speaks with heavy Japanese accent

>American military is full of incompetent fucks
>Meanwhile, JSDF is full of elites
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>>What's all this all of the sudden?

I've honestly only ever seen this in hentai.
ITT: Literally all anime
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berserk is garbage.webm
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dumb cgi

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Who actually cums like that? This movie is bullshit.
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>This movie is bullshit.

That about covers it.
You know you're asking for some random anon to masturbate onto his hand and then take a photo just to prove you wrong, right?
that's not his cum you fucking retard. he fingered asuka when she was unconscious.

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Annual Tor/a/dora with Oreimo after Christmas stream!
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Taiga a best
Fuck minorin

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this is equivalent to the US displaying ISIS flags everywhere

fucking disgraceful
>Hidamari Sketch Hanikamu
>Honey Cum

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I know you guys no longer care about Hayate no Gotoku (and neither do I, really), but I stumbled upon this today.

Hayate learned Nagi likes him romantically, and that she thinks he confessed back then.

I don't feel like dumping the chapter, so here's a link to it:
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shitbomb ignites. Start. Now.
Hahaha, all the Nagifags are about to get BTFO
Time for Despair. Sweet delicious Despair.

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Are you guys ready for the second ruining of Christmas ?
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Set sail for disappointment in 2 days
As I'll ever be.
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No But I am ready to see if the brief announcement of Panty and Stocking season 2 is ready this Friday.

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Terrible realization.gif
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There is someone out there who's seen more anime than you.
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Anon everyone already knows that you are just a bit slow.
poor bastard
There's also assholes out there who get free merch for blogging shit.

The rabbit hole is deep, unending and merciless.

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Times when the anime surpassed the manga.
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> Pic totally unrelated
>Pic totally related

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Who here (re)watching the whole series in anticipation for season 3? As in the 2 seasons, Akito, the picture dramas, the manga spinoffs, the OVA, the audio drama, etc.
>do it for him
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Akito is dogshit
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Not as much as you OP, but I'm going to watch it again when I head back to school with my roommate. He hasn't seen it yet and has been meaning to watch it for a while so it should be good.
Man they really couldn't resist that cash cow.

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If Raditz never came to Earth, how would that have affected the story?
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The androids would have killed everyone, I guess?
Gohan would have had adventures of his own, with Goku and Piccolo fighting in the background. Gohan may have had to avenge his father worst case scenario.

Not necessarily, Gero's calculations would have been dramatically different.

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I have to go somewhere so I'm starting this one early. Hopefully you guys can keep thread alive.

Also, OVA's gonna be out in 2 days. So I'm gonna start scripting soon.
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"Let's make a snowman"

"You put ears on our snowman"

"Aria, you put a tail on him"

"I made some a*al beads which got completely inserted inside"
"Uh huh"
"Hey there, are we still gonna practice for the snowball fight competition?"
Taka Head
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Comic 1
Just 3 more people

Dejima-san is the supervisor
[Book] Snowball fight competition rule book
"Well, we're going into a light competition so you should take it easy"

"Uhhh, to participate, you need a team of seven"
"We're missing 3 people"
An indoor ski area operated by the Shichijou Family

"I'll call my friend over"

"Mitsuba, are you free this Sunday (for the tournament)"
"Tsuda, hold it"

Comic 2
Lively Suzu

Winning conditions
Hitting all your opponents with snowballs.

or steal the enemy's flag without getting hit by a snowball.
"Got it"

"Good job Hagimura"
"I might be ready for this competition"

"It's better for me not to say that she's a small target and it'll be hard to hit her with snowballs"
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Comic 1
Cooperative play

"You will be using snowballs that are prepared before hand"

"The forward can't supplement them themselves, so they need a back follow"
[Left label 'B', right label 'F']

"So I'll give them to you, Suzu-chan"

"And I'll manage your balls, Tsuda"
"I understand, but this is really gonna stick in my mind"

Comic 2

"If you wear white, you can melt into the background and bewilder your opponents"

"That's a good plan"

"By the way, you all have white skin"

"Okay you guys!!"
"Not okay!"

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>all their songs are about love and dates and liking someone or being liked by someone
>they all go to an all-girls school
>they never express any interest in any boys (though they do admire some famous musicians, though it is never implied that the interest is romantic)
>they are never seen going out on dates or even trying to get dates with boys
>don't even talk to any men besides the guy at the guitar shop, never gossip about boys, and don't even look at boys when out in public

I could go on, but I think you get my point. What was the deal with these girls anyway? Were they just writing songs they thought would go over well with other girls? Did the songs mean anything to them?

In S1, Ritsu did get that letter from Mio, and she assumed it was from a secret admirer. That made her all sorts of flustered, which is interesting, but she never talks to boys at all, so did she really think it was from a guy that saw her one day or something? The only male she talks to regularly is her brother, and maybe her father.
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Maybe they just didn't want to focus on romance at all in this show. Which is good since that would just ruin it.
It's haremshit without the MC.
Since the MC is the only potential romance option in all haremshits, removing him nulls all the romance options altogether.
But then why not have the girls sing about something besides romance? It's a really jarring contrast when you read their lyrics and then watch what they go through in a typical day. If you just listened to them sing, you'd think they're all out there picking up guys and having fun and partying while in real life they just sit around and study or eat cakes.

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