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Cosplay episode never.
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Leave Zarc to me!
3 days till DM SUPER
You can't defeat him. Only characters like Yuma, who are actually good, can defeat Zarc.

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Leaks for Ch. 60 are out: http://yonkouprod.com/reader/read/jojolion/en/0/60/page/1
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Someone translate this page for the Stand name.
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First for dead children.
Thanks not doc

>name field

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Which Vanguard Titan is the best?
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Kruger. He's the only one that set out to do something, and succeed without bitching and moaning about his lot in life.
Kruger. He is not an obnoxious whiny turd like Eren and to a lesser degree his father.
Kruger. Not even a question.

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>Nice board, nerd
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Everything will be daijoubu.
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Best girl

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How did they make main battle tanks obsoleted anyway? I don't see it.
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You still see MBTs and APCs, even RPGs, but it seems to be implied that the energy source that powers knightmares is so good that they may as well make a massively inefficient design, with minor mobility benefits.
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cause tanks such shit and only move in 2d
>making sense

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>Something really shocking will happen in ep11
What could it be?
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They see all the lewd thoughts of anons posting about them.

Something really really gay I bet. It concerns Kumiko & Reina afterall.
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Smithers, I'm home!

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I want to rainbow Mao Pam.
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hey that one anon who always wants a Mao Pam OP finally got his wish
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This thread needs more La Pucelle.
How the hell does her bra thing work anyways?

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So why was Cocona's first powerup different than her usual henshin?
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They wanted it to look super impressive and it worked, also power of love.
you mean

>the power of yuri
Papika was the same.
It was just a partial flip flapping.

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The fujo's are taking over. Every year we get more and more fujoshit and less male otaku are support stuff aimed at them, regardless of quality. How do we put a stop to this?
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Just give in to the cock.
Nobody can win against the cock. Not even men.
Considering the stuff that is aimed at male otakus is SoL, moe blob, and haremshit, who the fuck cares? What exactly are we losing out on?
Fujos have jobs because women have everything easy, so they can buy their shit stuff, it's just not fair

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Worst ship literally confirmed
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Melville is not pleased.
Fuckin wannabe
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>Top Girl dead
>still enjoying this trash

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Best boy.
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What if the news of what Victor said about getting married has already made it back to Yuuri's family before he had a chance to correct it, and (after dealing with the shock) they all throw a spontaneous party to congratulate the couple the moment they return home? And Victor and Yuuri decide to just go along with it, although Yuuri gets tsundere about it since Victor needs to take responsibility and he gives Victor a sudden kiss to 'surprise' him back?
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I'm glad I'm not the only anon waiting

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How can you hate this girl so much that you were glad she died? You might not think she's the best but she was a nice person who did nothing wrong.
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Shirley's was the death that impacted Lelouch the least. Even Clovis in episode two distraught him so much that he vomited. Shirley's death bothered him for maybe five minutes, then he shrugged and moved on.

It's sad. Shirley cared so much for someone that was indifferent to her existence.
You mean besides murdering an entire settlement of unarmed civilians including the women and children, in addition to sacrificing a useful subordinate all in the name of revenge for her death?
She was a normalfag and kept dragging the story back to everyday affairs.

Also because she was competition for Lulu, so shippers hated as a result.

Finally a show for vulva enthusiasts
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Why do people find this DORK attractive?
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Is it really possible (like, in real life) for someone's basic personality to change as much as Salt's did?

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Up your butt and around the corner.
I trusted you ;-;

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