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I have never seen a villain bullshit so much through his survival, like this faggot should have been dead several episodes ago, even today he could have been gang raped by jotaro, rohan, josuke and okayasu but no, all this convenient bullshit delays his death
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One of my main complaints in Jojo. But i'm still enjoying it
Ive got to say the latest episode had the most insane amount of plot holes ive seen in anime recently
It was written over 20 years ago though.

It's well known that Araki doesn't give a fuck about shit like plot holes, he cares about tension and atmosphere over everything else.

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K-on - Ritsu?
the MC from hentai ouji to warawnai neko
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Describe /a/ in a single image.
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i love loli.png
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me on the left.jpg
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This is your Hibike! Euphonium for tonight.
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>wow Kumiko you really are Hibike Euphonium season 2!

They can't keep getting away with this
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Why does she want to be Asuka so bad?
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What do you think season 4 is going to be like? College Kumiko?

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Episode One is out. I enjoyed it and thought it was really well done. Who else watched it?
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so close
Did they change or add anything significant? It's been at least a decade since I originally saw the first ep.
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>that art style

When did everything go so wrong?
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i just want my daughteru cocona to be happy
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>Papika saves the day through kiss

You know it's coming.

Time to happily talk about the cards and gifts we're already receiving.
>inb4 no initials
>inb4 I'm being grinched
Shut up and believe on christmas magic, there's still hope until the 25th.
Also, thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtLHiou7anE&t=2s
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Don't open if you live on an island.

I coulda probably used more orange dye on top-left and top-right.

I believe in magic!
>one of my assignments posted the gifts i told them to open, the other is still being shipped
>One of my card assignments had received and posted their cards, the other is presumably still on the way
>Received one of my gifts already, can't wait to actually get back home and open it on Christmas.

I wish I'd have been able to participate in /ss/ sooner, this is really nice.

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Post things that trigger /a/. I'll start.
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this is straight out suicide bait

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Precure Thread
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I want to fuck Kirara until she drops dead!
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Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!
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It's going to be deleted anyway, like all the other fetish OPs made. It's part of the problem why so many people have left these threads.

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Chapter 67


He can't keep getting away with this!
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All the other links

>Previous stuff


>For animefags looking to continue the story


>Alternative master resource

When Emilia grows up mentally she's going to be a crazy cat lady.
>that guy who floods the catalog with Rem and Re:Zero masterpiece/bad threads

Can't he find something this season to ironic shitpost with instead?

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Two more days until the Zarcening begins
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Will Zarc be naked?
We've already had a naked shot of a character anon, it isn't going to happen again
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Masumi Kotsu.jpg
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Reminder, of all the Standard characters Ono had to choose from, he brought back Level 0

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What emotion is this face trying to convey?
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Let the voice of love
Kill yourself and take you shitty image with you.
is that a mogiki hayami edit?

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How can a lizard be this sexual?
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will they be ok?
Because you're a scalie.
He will get killed.

She gets to make a Faustian choice with MC's help.

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Time for Eros.png
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How can you doubt him, /a/?
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I want him to get drunk and grind on Victor again. In front of everyone again. Please Kubo!
JJ had already medaled by the time the cup of China happened. If his SP was harder, they wouldn't have said pic related. Even though Viktor calls it 'perfect', he didn't get all of the possible extra points for jump height, fluidity, etc. That's why he got an even higher score at Rostelecom, even though it was also a 'perfect' skate. Think of it like getting 100% on a test but missing the extra credit.
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It's spurred some amazing art.

Who is the true master troll? Surely not Puk Puck.
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How old is Puk Puck?
Fuck Puk Puck.
Really, really old if you believe past lives count. If not, she's seven or something.

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