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What is your favorite fight in Part 4?
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last one for sure. It has a little bit of everything good about jojo fights.

Second is highway star like everyone else.
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The Beanman.

What's going to happen?
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>I'm supposed to think this attractive adult woman with KKK-cupsize tits is a virgin

I was willing to suspend my disbelief for the vampires, but come on dude.
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There are good reasons why she might be uncomfortable with the whole sex thing.
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>He doesn't think big-tittied police girl is best girl there ever was
Shite opinion, m8
She's only ugly in one of the two OVA artstyles.

Does this make up for the interrupted dance or is that still on the checklist?
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I hope Sophie wins
It more than made up for it. I wouldn't say no to Izetta/Fine dance finale though.
Definitely makes up, but I'm still pissed we didn't get it.

What's your favorite 90s anime?
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Ranma 1/2 is 80s. The good seasons at least.
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Sorry. It's just really, really good.
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It's one of my favorite.

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Now that the dust has settled and we know who was in the wrong, now we must ask ourselves a different question

Who, if anyone, was in the right here?
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Griffith as he can enjoy a full view of her exposed chest as he thrust his armored dick inside of Casca and find strengh to go forward in her expression, while tentacles proceeds to restrain her arms to ensure she will take the whole load.

Anyway stop saying he did anything wrong during the eclipse, only retards can choose to live the rest of their lives as mute and crippled when you can be whole again. However he was indeed wrong to fuck the princess.
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>tongue proves it

griffith literally saved the world from the demon muslim hordes via his actions, he was in the right

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What is the best part of this imouto?

And why is it her pure white teeth?
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Her eggs
Bird is better

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Why is it spelt "Syaro?"
Who names their child Syaro anyway?
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dude kunrei-shiki lmao
It's シャロ you have to type sharo to get that. Don't know why it's translated to Syaro.
And Sharon is a real, normal name too. Even though Sharo's name is a word play with kilimanjaro.
What happens if you type Syaro?

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Why are all magical girl anime these days set in brutal deadly suffering settings? What happened to card captor sakura and sailor moon type of magical girls?

Don't get me wrong, I like madoka and other suffering stuff too, but I'd like a happy monster of the week cardcaptor sakura anime again sometime too
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Aren't Madoka and MGRP are pretty much it though?
The problem is that you're watching magical girl anime made for adult men instead of ones made for little girls.
Blame Christopher Nolan and Joe Abercrombie

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Have any really memorable anime come out in the last 5 years? I mean something iconic, something that left a big splash like Code Geass, Haruhi, Gurren Lagann or even something like Steins;Gate. I know there were stuff like the JoJo adaptations and Ping Pong but JJBA has been around for decades and Ping Pong wasn't even that popular anyway.

I'm out of the loop now but I've noticed a lot of regular viewers hold this opinion too. Do you think people who used to be teens in the 2000s are just growing up and their tastes have become more exclusive, or is the current anime industry actually stagnant and bland? Or am I just full of shit and have a lot of good series come out?
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Sword Art Online came out. I think 4 years ago or something.
Industry's in a slump, One Punch Man was pretty popular though. I guess Attack on Titan too but that show is honestly trash.
>Or am I just full of shit and have a lot of good series come out?

Pretty much. I love 2010s anime. There might not be as many blockbusters as during the mid 2000s, but there's a good 6-8 anime I watch and enjoy every season.

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Is anime getting worse?
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No, it's getting better.

/a/ is definitely getting worse though.
No, you just watched too much of them and upgraded your standard. As a result, you've become picky instead of eating all the shit this industry is throwing at you.

It's just as bad as it was before.

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Post anime girls that want the sex
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Woah now that's one hot anime babe dude
don't know the name but that green haired loli one that you all seem to like so much
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>turned from something incredibly edgy into a genuinely interesting story

I have no idea what to think about this series. On one hand I love the artstyle, on the other I think it looks awful and messy. On one hand I like the characters and setting, but some stuff just doesn't make a lot of sense.
I like the direction it's going, at least.
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Its pure KINO
I don't know what KINO means, anon.
Director remains amazing.

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How do you feel about this studio?
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my favorite studio since i watched SZS in 2010
they make the best toothbrush porn
Feel like I get shafted every time I watch their shows.

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Why do most anime fans care more about voice actors than animators, directors, character designers etc? What is wrong with you people?
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When im eating tikka masala im not thinking about some african boy who picked up the coconuts needed to make it, why would I?
I thought this guy is CIA.
chances are your favorite seiyuu are more likely to be in an anime that your favorite animators or etc. especially with companies shilling seiyuu hard or companies just picking any random studio/staff for adaptions

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Holy shit the anime adaptation just got greenlit
She's a dyke, so no.
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