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>They're still dating 10 years later.

That convenience store senpai ended up talking out of his ass.
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What the fuck is this? Where'd you get it?
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From last month on twitter https://twitter.com/yokotainfo/status/796162589289873408
Neat, though I wonder about how canon this might be (since this is the artist). Is he just sketching based on the author's ideas?

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I wasn't an incompetent loser in all aspects of life I would consider photoshopping a fedora onto images of that character
>Stages his fight inside a furnace
For a guy who preached Social Darwinism he clearly had no grasp on the concept of natural selection.
This is a Japanese mummy

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Why is Himawari such an underrated Yuru? Miles better than Sakurako and Chinatsu

Post your Himawaris
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Booby monsters are not allowed.
Hima is adorably thicc

Kanna is the cutest
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I'm still mad.
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Best girl.

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who da best?
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Crab, obviously.
Everyone else is part of her harem.
I really like Monkey.
Nadekochan is da besuto

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Childhood is idolizing Yui. Adulthood is realizing Mugi made more sense.
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And once you reach true enlightenment you realize that Ritsu is the only answer.
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Is this Code Geass for adults?
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code geass is just train-wreck LoGH
pretty much
Code Geas is just Star Wars. A lot of bombastic fun that is shit in retrospect but it came out at the right time for a lot of people, especially those who were at the right age. It holds a special place, like a nostalgic anchor, in their hearts. There's nothing wrong with it but you need to understand how and why you've come to think of it as you have.

LoGH is actually just really good. It has more in common with something like Dune.

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This is a 17-year old Japanese high school boy.
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No it isn't.
"I am the bone of my sword"
Shh. He's 17 forever.

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Finally a good Sports Anime that isn't Fujo pandering its getting a Sequel after the first 24 episodes. Hpow does it feel?
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Couldn't care less, just like 95% of people here
I fucking hate the MC.
>blushing guys
Looks gay

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Name me a better kiss in all of anime.

You can't.
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bake episode 12
The last kiss in WA2.

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Is she right?
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She is.
Of course she is.
I do prefer girls with bodyfat of >0%

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We're finally at this point.
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is it worth reading all 500 chapters of this?
Waited forever for this

And it looks even uglier than usual

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Last Ole Golazo chapter for English jump, and I bet they won't pick it up even though this English magazine is practically empty..

Survey: http://www.viz.com/wsj-survey

Boku no Hero Academia >>150859108
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Then we gotta fucking vote for it? we need the collective retardation of /a/ to accomplish this

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1568 for spreads
The Promised Neverland - http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/PabnV6Hy/file.html
Shokugeki no Souma - http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/uh8oMCgj/file.html
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Wich Ending should i watch?
I heard there were two of them, because the "fans" didnt like the original...im currently at ep 17 and was wondering if should watch the last episode or the Movie...?
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The entire TV series is poorly executed and with no budget. The popularity from NGE comes from the remake movie titled "Death and Rebirth". So drop the TV series and watch that instead.
After you've seen that, watch Death and Rebirth 2, aka "End of Evangelion".

Now that you've gotten the old stuff out of the way, watch the Rebuilds. Its basically the same as the old movies but better animated and some stupid changes here and there, but 3.33 is well worth watching.

NGE is one of my favorite anime, so I hope you enjoy it!
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watch to the end of the TV series, then EoE, then watch the last two episodes.

lurk more

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