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Post manly shit
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You spelled gay wrong.
why did /a/ become so fucking gay.
are there really so many girls here?
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There you go

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Once again, the prospect of my actual scanlating of a chapter has been ruined by cancer scans. I may just start buying the digital versions. Maybe not. I don't really care. Saa na. Ikimashou!

>Chapter 138: This Is War...
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>Interviewer: First, here.
>I: Then, here...
>I: Then...
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>I: Up here, to finish.
>I: Huh?
>I: No...
>I: It *really* felt like I was being cut.
>I: It was something that I "understood".
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>I: Through my head,
>I: My torso.
>I: The feeling of a katana having cut through... I understood it.
>I: After?
>I: I blacked out.
>I: The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed.

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She is our last yuri hope.
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I miss Rickert.
Please have a good ending. Please.
Go away, Bianca.

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maxresdefault (2).jpg
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The trailer was out for 9 fucking hours and no one here have any word about it, guess this place is finally dead
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> for just one night
> a mysterious power is yours
> what will you do

> proceeds to show a house burning down

i like her already
>them eye brows
too bad for the shit tier hair style though
Somebody made a thread last night retard.

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I think Akito the exiled proved that Sunrise could make more CG without focusing on Lelouch or the ayylmaos.
So which part do you think is worth visiting?
For me;
Odysseus failed EU campaign
Schneizel's eu campaign
Rakshata Chawla origin story
The white rebellion
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>I think Akito the exiled proved that Sunrise could make more CG without focusing on Lelouch or the ayylmaos.

This is the worst part about r3 for me. With akito they proved you can do a shit series in a great universe. And since akito is the newer series it is also means there are high chances the same people also are working on r3
Yeah, that show that people only remember for Julius Kingsley definitely proved that you don't need Lelouch
Why do you think Akito is shit?

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Chaos;Child Anime confirmed to be 12 episodes. The dream is dead boys.
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Maybe there's more one hour episodes? A second cour? This fucking sucks. Why does this always happen to the Chaos series?
>Silver Link
>C;H title
It was dead quite some time ago
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You have to be kidding me. The game is longer than S;G. The anime will be a fucking trainwreck unless it is one cour about the mystery and one cour about the answer. The anime will end up being much worse than any of the other anime in the series, possibly leaving S;G to be the only one with a good anime.

Better rated game than S;G too. I enjoyed it a lot so I am really bummed that this adaptation will be a disaster.

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Hi everyone; my name's Rumiko Takahashi. I draw this hand gesture in all my works every single time any of my characters get seriously hurt, scared or excited. Notice me!
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Literally who?

The baba who made Ranma and Inuyasha
can you draw different face rumi san

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Sword Art Online.webm
3MB, 1280x720px
Why does /a/ hate this again?

It's just the usual 6/10 anime.
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Because its actually a 1/10 anime
Its just a meme. Everyone knows its a 10/10 masterpiece.
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>characters are all retards
>MC is a Mary Sue of ungodly proportions
>game mechanics make no sense
>the VR gear is shit
>the characters are retards
>the absurd amount of plot holes
>the fucking fairy dance arc
>character motivations are bad
>the characters are all retards
>bad writing in general
>the characters are all fucking retards
I don't know what's so hard about this. Literally everything about this series as a whole is downright retarded and insulting to anyone with half a brain, and yet still people praise it. Granted, there have been instances where it wasn't as shitty, and the series had potential. But the bad writing and horrible characters, makes for a massive trainwreck on a monumental scale, and yet still weebs and the edgiest middle schoolers alive will worship it

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The Reika bullying has to stop!
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When will they learn
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dem hips.png
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I want to make her make this expression.

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How's your annual Christmas watching of the greatest love story ever told going?
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Prefer watching dissappeareance desu.
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Watched last year, I fucked up this one and I just don't have time to watch it.

Taiga knows I still love her though
It's a mediocre show but I love shitposting in the chat (though OreImo, which is actively terrible rather than merely mediocre, is even more fun).

I want to watch the K-On movie with you all before Christmas. Now that's real art.

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What you guys think about the suddenly change of love Naruto had for Sakura?
I mean, it's not like I didn't wanted Naruto to be with Hinata in the end, but the reason they gave in "The Last", that Naruto only liked Sakura because he was in rivalry with Sasuke, I think it wasn't that reasonable.
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The "love" he had for her never came off as the real thing, even in the manga. Kishimoto didn't flesh it out well. Plus Naruto always knew her heart belonged to Sasuke since like part 1 when he see's her hugging Sasuke in the hospital.

I never took his feelings for her seriously because Kishimoto never did himself.
File: the_ballad_of_pink_shit.jpg (2MB, 762x9354px)Image search: [Google]
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> sudden
Wait was this a real chapter

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why did Toriyama turn her into a bitch?

she used to be best grill ;___;
she still is doe

File: Czt2VB5UcAIK99G.jpg (130KB, 680x1023px)Image search: [Google]
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No season 2. Go home everyone.
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Implying I leave home
Or that I cared about that show
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Another christmas ruined
File: 1294018025852.jpg (149KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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This isn't news. There was never any realistic hope of a second season.

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Why is the horror genre in manga/anime so shit?

Only Itou Junji is decent, the rest are not fucking scary and laughable as fuck.
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Because cartoons aren't scary.

Because you can take them at your own pace, and unlike books, they don't leave things to the imagination.

The Future of Shounen Jump, huh
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I didn't understand why nip like Kimetsu no Yaiba
>I didn't understand why nip like Kimetsu no Yaiba

ESL-kun found a new target
Remind me what these series are called again?

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