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sooooooo, if they had children, which way would they fall?
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flawless logic.
Serious answer: conception would be impossible in because the sperm would never reach the egg and even if it does make contact, it needs to stay attached to fertilize.
So no, they had to rely on test tube babies to get results. And, if the gravity effect is genetic, then the more dominant gene would take precedence. And since most children carry more genes of their mother than their father, then chances are, the kid will walk the same road as his mother

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That was seriously fucked up.
What the hell is wrong with you all.
This isn't just wrong, it's fucking stupid.
That ending was beyond piss poor.
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Wincest is great.
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Neesans > Imoutos
Just the ending OP?
The whole thing is crap, read some books sometime.

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to be more edgy
You can see how thin the budget got stretched a lot more obviously in season 2.

Why can't SHAFT make an ED as good as this for Monogarbage series? What's the reason to keep making trash tumblr art?
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what's the reason to keep making this shit thread?
The anime is shit. Its a filler inbetween their main project, Monogatari.
>main project
>looks godawful compared to 3gatsu
Really makes you think

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Fuck you Hata.

Fuck you.

A-Tan best girl.
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>Nagi's going to be the one to trigger the despair explosion and realise Hayate only treat her as a daughter
>A-tan has accepted that it's over

Welp, here's to Forever Alone End.
it is a work from a manga writer who nearly sustains his manga by terrible gags ideas. What do you expect?
>hamster saying she's loved Hayate longer than A-tan
This fucking bitch, I never hated her before but this actually pissed me off.

I will post this every day until Christmas!


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I wanna fuck an elf onChristmas.
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Are you sure?

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Am I the only one who liked it?
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I think so
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No, it was AOTY for me.
Yes, you are literally the only person on the planet.

Congrats! What an achievement!

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How does /a/ feel about vampires?
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They suck.
Suck w-what?
can they suck semen as well and live off of that?

My friend said I was a pedophile for liking Julie Sigtuna, just because she looks like a child.

She's clearly not child, especially with that body.
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Your friend is right.
You're a pedophile anon.

And there's nothing wrong with that.
That looks like a child.
You're clearly a pedophile.

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>People will still shitpost that F/GO is a soulless cashgrab
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am i supposed to be impressed
Nobody using "soulless" as an argument is worth taking seriously.

What is this game ?

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I honestly can't think of a more infuriating mangaka than Sato Kentarou. His art is good, his premises are really good, but his stories are completely ruined by his complete inability to understand basic human emotions and interactions.

The end result is just unreadable garbage. He's worse than Junji Ito.
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Your argument because invalid one you said Junji Ito.
You try and make something better and see how easy it is then.

I just read as much of Mahou Shoujo Site as Icould stand and I'm triggered. That was your last chance Sato Kentarou.
>Junji Ito.

His art is incredible but it's the same kind of garbage writing.

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What are you supposed to do in this situation?
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When a girl actually is asking for it, you give it to her. Its not hard to figure out. Well, its hard to figure out for every harem MC. But for you, it should be an easy decision.
I know this game.

One or both of them are traps, aren't they?

Throbbing futa cocks?

Cmon, whats the catch
Say YES.

>[HorribleSubs] DAYS - 23 [720p].mkv
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Who is the cute girl in the wheelchair?
How did he not get a yellow?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
I like it
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Be careful when eating fish.

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Will their secret finally be revealed?
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Who does this bitch think she is?
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