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This girl walks up and calls you're waifu a "bwaka, bwaka" what do /a/?
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But she is my my waifu
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then she truly is a bwaka, bwaka.
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>Waited a whole year for Eternal my Master because the PV's made it look like it would at least give the anime some form of conclusion
>It ends up being filler shit
>and only 40 minutes of filler shit at that
>Season 3 fucking never
Just end my life, senpai

Is this anime really about Brazil? Is it good?
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No, but the setting is clearly based on Brazil/ generic S. American shitholes. Watch it and find out, you mong.
It's not Brazil, but it might as well be called Brazil. And yes, it is a good show.
Not sure if good as I dropped it after the first episode. 2edgy4me

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36 episode preview pics
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>an episode not supposed to be filler and has actual action
>pv pics are mostly talking

Nice job screwing up
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julietta eating iok.jpg
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airing time delayed 30minutes
thread likely to die before episode airs

let's premptively mourn Iok's death
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>another episode of many long shots of poorly done drawings with effort on par with 50s television animation

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>He exclusively watches Moefaggotry or Shonenshit

You have to watch all kind of anime.

I can watch fucking GuP, NNB and Yuru Yuri and then the next day watch Edgy shit like Drifters and Berserk and 2deep4U anime like Ergo Proxy.
Give it a try

Or at least don't shit on other genres, fucking autists
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>You have to watch all kind of anime.
No, I don't.


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What anime/ manga really fucked you up? Personally Anohana and yamada kun and the seven witchs have really fucked me up.
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You could see the ending from a fucking mile away.
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Pic related fucked me up for about a week after I finished it.

sundome was a gutpunch, I had to go find a bunch of really happy stuff to read after it

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MISAKA Mikoto~
Is best girl
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Dear /a/, I may have found my love.
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Old and ugly.
Mary Sue
You sure this isnt Johan?

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Is there some kind of meaning behind panty color?
I know white means pure, but other than that?
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purple is for ara aras.
black for sluts
But women own more than one color of panties.

ITT: Shows that, if given the opportunity, you would directly donate money to help fund another season.
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Alternatively, I would pick Chaika for getting a Brotherhood (Sisterhood?) treatment.
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manlets when will they ever learn
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Stand aside faggots.
>1cm taller that lulu
haha, fucking manlet :(

Kill yourself.

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ITT; characters that looks flat but they have 10/10 bodies or post characters with 10/10 bodies
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Reminder that any character with flat chest already have a 10/10 body.

That's not what I call flat.
are you fucking blind

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Who has read Clover? Thoughts? For me, it was a good manga, but CLAMP started getting lazy in their artwork.
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How would you rate it compared to other CLAMP works?

Top five for me. The art style and poetic writing make it unique.
When would you say that CLAMP had its best artwork?

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This is Super Saiyan God Izetta and next week it's time to say goodbye.
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Yeah, say goodbye to Germania because she's going to raze it to the ground.
>Finè! Finè! Finè!
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I didn't like Izetta as a character, but man, the way she used bricks to fight SS was pretty dope.

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who is the best Akamatsu girl?
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>tfw cross-generational battle shounen reverse harem
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Would you say this is "must see"?
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Thanks, /a/. Figured as much. Skipping this piece of shit.
Victory Gundam? It's probably the best show Tomino has ever made (though I suppose that's not saying much). Strong characters, excellent themes, fantastically orchestrated soundtrack, well-choreographed fights and great mecha design, topped off with a phenomenal finale. It's my favourite /m/ show.
Its one of the best gundam show.

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