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when did stray dogs become so popular?
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Kyouka a CUTE.
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Because it was the cover last month.
It's rigged, Kadokawa owns the IP and Newtype. They did the same shit during S1.

Kyouka might be somewhat believable but doctor and the red mafia lady hardly gets screen-time or appear in the promos. Male side looks fake too, even if Dazai is pretty popular everyone knows fujos are going mad over Yaoi on Ice so all 3 main should be in the top 10 not just one and they should beat BSD characters.

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everyone's life in one pic
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Eternal Boredom while I browse this god forsaken website.
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snorlax eye lasers.gif
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the closest thing i could come up with

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what is his name again ?
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seriously WHAT IS HIS NAME ?

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Is animation getting worse?
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TV animation is in a decent state with lots of talented young animators given opportunities due to increasing demand for shows. The downside is that there are still too many TV anime being made per season so it tends to take a toll on the staff due to demand outstripping supply for animation staff.
It's getting watered down.
Instead of 98% of anime looking like complete shit with 2% looking great, 90% look like partial shit and 9.9% look okay.
But some of the best-animated TV anime come from recent years though. So far there has been one or two outliers with great animation that show up occasionally.

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What's her problem?
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No one will give her the D.
Would Saitama?
He's impotent and she annoys him anyway.

Still, it must suck to be pushing 30s and still haven't been laid because the only people who want to fuck you are all pervy old men and teenagers.

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Admit it /a/.
It was good.
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It wasn't.
it was alright
Best Trigger show.

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What is he doing to that child?
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Not marrying her, that's for certain.
Isnt it obvious? He's raping her. What are you an idiot who thinks I should be ironic and say "giving her a hug".
Fuck off that kind of behavior is tumblr-teir.
>Making ironic tumblr shitposts

Ironicposting ruined everything

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It's like Marmite, those who like it loves it, thhose who don't make angry post about it.
Starting today's thread a litlle bit later due to family stuff. If you missed yesterday's thread because I'm a moron who can't even remember to give the post a title, the link to it is down below.
Previous chapters:
Chapter 1-3: https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/150601948
Chapter 4 >>150640453
Chapter 5 >>150682725
Chapter 6 >>150723463
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I’ll come again later.
Chapter 7: Times are slowly changing
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Yuri is late
She’s probably busy with work

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>beach episode
>pool episode
>school festival episode
>training camp episode
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I never really care for the school festival episodes
>recap episode
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>romeo and juliet episode
>love letter disguised as lyrics episode
>girl gets ill because she think her best friend is mad at her episode

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What do you think of this dark skin amazonian semen demon?
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Show me a collage of your waifu
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I would rather use that time to fap to Shaga.
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Hail Gino, champion of all Aryans and pounder of red puss
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Gino Thundercock
>knows how to hit on girls
>has YUUUGE cock that can pleasure Kallen's tight pussy
>extremely attractive
>blonde blue eyed Aryan master race

>has tiny flaccid cock
>is a colossal faggot
>thin bitch
>looks like an anglo jew

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>he watches anime designed for little kids
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kids sure do have it nice in chinaland
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Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka1.jpg
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>This is a show for babbys
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>he doesn't watch anime designed for little kids

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What shows have you picked up because your dick told you to? Do you regret it?
Pic related.
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boku no pico
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Not so much.

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