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This is your bike for tonight.
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Yurio's gonna ride his dick bicycle hard.

I'm waiting for the doujins
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Vroom vroom
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No thanks, I prefer this one.

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Best looking, purest character in years.
I just want him to be happy.
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I swear the Pig better dick him down next episode, no mercy. I'm taking bruised hips, writhing in his own mess of cum, invoking 20 different noise complaints kind of sex. This blueballing and playing around cannot go on.
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He is miraculous. Swishy hair, ripped body, adorable heart shaped smile, pretty eyes, cutest personality, I even love his shiny fivehead.
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>expecting a happy ending with loving marriage

our lord georgi was right all along

Last thread about to bump. JJ is a good gu.
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>still no exclamation point
Time for bed anons
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Yuri is triggered.png
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>Start thread with JJ
Im lacking enthusiasm for JJs defeat so felt it was best to leave them out. Should have een "Yuri on Ice...."

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Tbh I feel this episode was like watching a blank wall for half an hour.
Fairy is in top 3, cool, we already knew that.
He thirsts after Bike, cool, we already knew that.
Yuri does shit because he can't bear the pressure. Cool, we already knew that.
Mickey wants to bang again Sara. Not cool, but we already knew that.

What now? The biggest "revelation" was Yuuri's confession at the end, to go with the Gran Finale. Already knew that, but c'mon, give us some skating shenanigans...

Nice to see that JJ sees Yuuri as a giant smug fuckface
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>Crispy wanting to bang sala not cool
Naples is the niggerhole of Italy, inbred neapolitans are the most shit tier you could ever get.

(Op here, italian.)
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Okay, so the second season will get made, and it will be about Fairy and Otabek as pair skaters and their bro adventures.

It will be called Yurio!!Nice!

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Episode 11 was a mistake.
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where the fuck are the subs
JJ deserved better.

Today is the day.
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What do you mean?
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GPF soon
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I'm scared.
We've got what 4 minutes left. I am ready. I can't wait to see Otabek's SP.

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[FFF] DATE A LIVE - Mayuri Judgement [BD][1080p-FLAC][3AAFEE1C].mkv


I guess it's too late to have a thread, but anyways I'm happy we finally have subs.

Yoshino best girl.
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I didn't really need subs but it's good to have a complete set.
>it's good to have a complete set.
And most likely than not the best encode as well.

I'm just glad Naine finally got around his titanic schedule for months on no end to spare "like 3 hours" I believe he said to finish the Karaoke.

Naine must be tortured daily
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I wish some of the dates were a bit better but oh well. They could have tried to up the ante on date quality like the games did.

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What do y'all think about Saiyan girls?
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I want to tonguefuck the left one's butt while she mocks me for being an inferior species
didnt they say that saiyans dont care about sex and dating
They cared about breeding and they had marriage. Vegeta fought romance kicking and screaming and still picked it up. Goku just has brain damage.

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She's always got this smug look on her face. What is she so smug about?
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>I`m 11 and i fuck my brother, nerd
Because she lives in the room next door and everyone knows brother and sister are the most sexually compatible.
Except that's canonically not it.

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Have you ever changed your favorite character midway through or after finishing a show?
Pic related. I was a former Rankafag. Now I have seen the light and am now a Sherylfag.
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Sheryl was better throughout the whole thing

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What the fuck are looking at, nerd?

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dont click this.gif
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what are you looking at, Altmer scumbag?

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Characters for Anime Japan 2017.
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The Zaku isn't a character; it's a piece of trash.
>all those anime that werent even on this year or obscure as fuck choices.
>no obvious choices like Rem, Mob or Guts to attract the casual/into anime enough types of fans that go to cons.
Oh hey the shopkeeper made it.

ITT: Wasted potential
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How is this wasted potential? I mean it's not perfect, but still pretty good
Boueibu Season 2
File: basically the entire show.png (512KB, 716x716px)Image search: [Google]
basically the entire show.png
512KB, 716x716px
I still don't know if it is a master piece or if it is pretentious trash. the line is too thin to decide

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What did Gohan see in her?
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He saw himself in her.
A uterus and vagina.

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