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Is PLOT selling better than good stories in anime nowadays?
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Well, Keijo boy-ray sales are dipshit so, you tell me.
>oh, I'm gonna show everybody how smart and cynical I am
Lurk more, retard.
>b-but muh intricate deep stories that only i, with an iq of over 300, can dissect and understand unlike you degenerates who watch animay for the massive big titties which are just huge titties and don't symbolize things like the huge mental weight that specific character has to carry around like in evanjellyion

Who cares what sells and what doesn't, or what you think is better than the other. If you don't like it, ignore it.

What the fuck was his problem?
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had yakumo and eri on his dick. that's not a problem
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He's mexican.
literally the author's self-insert

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Why did Tomoko's seiyuu not get any more roles than she did? I thought she was excellent.
Reminds me a bit of Rie Takahashi, with the same odd coarse voice every now and then.
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Milky Holmes is still a thing.
I guess, but I mean, I'd think someone with as an unique voice as her would have a lot more to show for it.
Because voice acting is a tricky business. Companies don't want to hire no name VA's even if they are good. They want VA's with name recognition who will get them more sales. That's why the big names always do everything and the no names hardly ever get roles.

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If you dont like Tsunades breast you can gtfo of my face
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She's like 90

they're wrinkly and saggy as shit. it's only her fucking disguise that looks good
dont tell this faggit what makeup is
I prefer Shizune. But yeah, her tits are amazing.

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Gi(a)rlish thread?
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a cute
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I love my wife Chitose.

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You're a big guy
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For you
He has a giant form now?

Like Piccolo? Is he Purple Piccolo with time magic??
>Vegeta has to be on Champa's team, giving him more chances to lose because he's Vegeta
>Fucking Yamcha is back
What kind of filler is this?

>make a mediocre mecha show
>put the word "Gundam" on the title
>suddenly it's considered a masterpiece
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>make an entertaining mecha show (i consider it as a masterpicece tho)
>don't put the word ''gundam'' in it
>suddenly considered as a masterpiece !
Kek, even if there is Gundam series you personally enjoyed, you can find 10 people who will tell you it's garbage for every 1 person who agrees with you.
Funny how that happens right? It's almost like you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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>there's no such thing as a perfect wai-
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waitress? I don't think Yui would make a good waitress.
I'm sure there are better waitresses than Yui, anon.
What were you gonna say? Spit it out!

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Looking back, quite a few people actually disliked the ending to Code Geass. Did you? Do you think another season will do it justice?
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I feel kinda alone on this but I think it was a great ending.

I can't really relate to people that want happy ending so badly. To me this was great precisely because they had the guts to do something unconventional.
Nigga what. The ending to CG is widely considered to be damn fucking good. Anyone saying otherwise is a contrarian faggot.
This. In fact I don't think I've known or seen anyone shit on it other than the few contrarian faggots on here

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Did togashi really copied kishimoto with kurapika-sasuke similarities?
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>it's an ESL bait episode
You mean did Kishimoto copied Togashi?
Yes, 100%.
its not the bait im for real.
Kurapika and sasuke has too much similarities to not be copied from one another and after checking it turns out naruto came out first. i cant believe it myslef since naruto is mostly shit and hxh is above average

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How much more anime do you want to watch before you'll die?
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All of it
I want to stop watching anime and become more normal
that's the dream, anon.

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Post cutest girls and Arawi's art.

Recent news to take into consideration:
Funimation has Nichijou's Anime licence, they're releasing a blu-ray on february iirc.
Vertical Comics has the Nichijou's Manga license, right now its being translated up until volume 5.
CITY right now its being published on the weekly magazine Morning (モーニング), its up to ep. 11, afaik. I've compiled all raws, might try to translate but my english redaction sucks.
CITY raws here:
Sorry for shitty naming.
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nichi (48).jpg
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posting from the afterlife
died laughing because of pic related
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just wait until you reach pic related

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Hey, that was pretty good!
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yer kidding
Another newfag coming to 4chan and expecting its users to accommodate his needs. Well, newfag, you'll get nothing but a cold shoulder and ridicule. You see, around here, we can't stand new users and are always looking for ways to drive them off because they fail to grasp the intricacies of how this site works. Newfags are a detriment to the 4chan community and its reputation. The sooner you stupid fucks leave this site, the better. And don't ever think of coming back or there will be hell to pay. 4chan is a literal death army of elite hackers who feel no remorse for destroying the lives they do on a daily basis. A newfag is seen as a parasite by oldfags and we fucking hate you pathetic douchebags with a passion. You never get anything right and your fathers should have shot you all off on the fucking curtains. Get the fuck out of 4chan so the rest of us can enjoy a board free of your disruptive bullshit. Now, please, do kindly fuck off. Thank you.

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You must choose one. Water, or healing?
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I choose Strings.

>Cow tits

>liver is shot

>Hot Onee-san that likes to let loose and have fun, with the best body and BDSM friendly magic.

Clearly the superior choice to the tsun with ano inferiority complex, and no personality white mage.

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It's happening.
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still haven't played those games.
>crowdfunding teaser-saito

>while recruting


You trying to shit me?

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