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Name a woman in a Shonen JUMP manga who isn't a useless piece of trash.
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Rukia, objectively speaking shes one of the most powerful Shinigami still living.
not Hinata.

Maasaki Yuasa constantly releases pretentious trash which rehashes trite themes. Many such cases. SAD!
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Why can't plebs get into The Tatami Galaxy?
Art style is kinda fucky, there's a lot of repetition, and in general it's not that good until all the pieces of the puzzle start clicking together in the last episode, then it goes from mediocre to mindbogglingly amazing over the course of 21 minutes.
>mindbogglingly amazing
It's just rehashing the same theme Welcome to the NHK did better.

Which one is the most evil?
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probably freiza, everyone else had agenda's or some real purpose (although madara's was all for himself).


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>bringing back someone alive who's heart stopped beating and brain is out of action is impossible

>however if they're reduced to dust you can

Defend this jojo fags

If you are dust you should 100% be dead
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We're all just dust in the wind, so obviously if you're dust you're still alive, dipshit.
How many more episodes are they making
Next week is the last episode

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We Force now

Time for the Eclipse Virus to fuck everything over.
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>i know, we should take GoD and Force and throw 'em into a blender
I don't know what to think of that, but I'm still optimistic that the movie will be good.
>expecting anything from Nanoha after StrikerS
Not really leaked since it was posted on the official site in lowres.


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Say something about Shinka
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Nice hairpin
Something about Shinka

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How does Gintama stay so consistently good for so long?
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After such a bad first episode, the only way to go is up.
God-tier VA casting and good source material.
Also episodic format helps.

> The anime probably has the biggest amount of A list VAs working on one series.

> The filler is often as good are superior to the canon material, meaning that entertainment quality is always high.

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You dropped this...
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Ah, my bad. I guess I missed the trash can.
>Draw a boy call it a girl
>draw a girl call it a monkey

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ITT we judge each other based on the first non-sh┼Źnen anime we watched

For me it's Tanoshii Muumin Ikka (Which is an adaptation)
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I think Angel Beats if we aren't counting movies.
Considering the age demographics of /a/ wouldn't the first non-shounen anime be either sailor moon, cardcaptor sakura or hamtaro?

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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not that the game is that fun though
One poor girl getting forced to sit on the sidelines while her man fucks every single girl he can find.

Not even the terminally ill blind girl or the oppai loli was safe from him. He drew the line at the retard though.

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Nobody watching Soushin Shoujo Matoi?
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I am

Just me.

I'm the only one watching it.
There are three people watching it. We are enjoying it.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I already like it
I've liked it for years. It's okay, you can rest now.

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In the saga of cursed typsetters, I have found out that someone shoved my 1st TS's computer off his desk a few months ago, which is why he never came back. He said he can't get a new one until March.

Anyways, here's 62. Get used to no scans for a while.
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"I'll do the best I can all day today!"
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[Top] Because there's a warmth here

62: The Cart Rairaiken
Best girl chapter,all is well. Thanks for the TL.

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Maki is getting married!
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lol, she has a bigger dick than the fatso?

Wtf i'm seeing?
I'd suck Maki's dick

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What's your favorite recent KyoAnime?
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Nichijou was their last good show.
Not even, Full Metal Alchemist was the only good one they made.
Hyouka and Amaburi.

I enjoyed Tamako too.

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